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Nutrislice offers digital menu and nutrition solutions to schools, universities, healthcare facilities, and corporate dining. Their platform allows users to view menus and nutritional information, with customization and personalization features. They also provide recipe management, nutritional analysis, and food ordering and inventory management services to over 8,000 food service providers across the US. Nutrislice helps food service providers develop nutritious and appealing menus while promoting sustainable food practices such as sourcing local and organic ingredients and reducing food waste. Their mission is to encourage healthy eating and sustainability in the food service industry. Nutrislice's platform and services make it easy for users to find and understand the nutritional content of the food they are eating, promoting healthier food choices.

We recently teamed up with the Nutrislice crew to design and produce this custom hoodie, customized with a woven interior label,printed interior taping, and sublimated hood lining, all of which added to the uniqueness of the final product. Additionally, the hoodie featured a screen print design that showcased Nutrislice's logo. The customizations also included a contrast zipper and pull strings, which added a pop of color to the garment. The combination of these customizations resulted in a high-quality and comfortable hoodie that was tailored to Nutrislice's brand and values.

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Custom Hoodie for Nutrislice