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CamelBak manufactures hydration packs, water bottles, reservoirs, & more fit for any adventure. Founded in 1989 by Michael Edison after using an IV bag with water during a 100-mile road race in Wichita Falls, Texas, CamelBak is now a household name and forever known as the pioneer of hands-free hydration.

Bringing in the sense of innovation, we designed a new addition to their THIRST FOR MORE merchandise collection, a custom 5 panel euro hat. Given the company’s target active audience, we selected a full fabric construction using ripstop nylon. Commonly used for outdoor products like tents, sails, and clothing, ripstop nylon is extremely versatile and is favored because it uses a special reinforcing technique that stops rips from spreading once they begin due to a crosshatch pattern during the production process.

Custom 5 Panel Euro Hat customizations include:

  • Unstructured crown construction
  • Flat brim style
  • Twill/Metal clasp closure style
  • Ripstop nylon fabric
  • Black rubber debossed logo patch
  • Interior woven label
  • Screen printed interior seams
  • Woven interior seam cover screen printed step-and-repeat wordmark
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Camelbak Custom 5 Panel Euro Hat