About This Project

We worked with Boulder-based TVLA YOGA to design and produce a custom sublimated bandana as well as its retail packaging.

The 22" x 22" white bandana has a full bleed custom design and has all-around gold serge stitching in a contrast color for some extra personality against the main colors of black and white.

Digitally printed with a full bleed on cardstock, the bandana packaging wraps around a folded bandana carrying with it the product's brand messaging by leveraging TVLA YOGA's sophisticated and minimalist brand identity system.

(Video Transcript) Ted Church:

Hey, I'm Ted Church. Today I wanted to share and showcase a custom printed bandana that we recently produced for our friends at TVLA Yoga. This bandana is one of the softest bandanas that we've produced. It is got a really soft hand. It's a water-based inked print. So, you can see a little bit through on the other side. It gives it that nice soft, weathered feel like one of your favorite bandanas you've had forever. It features an all-over print that we designed for TVLA, parts of their logo, as well as a nice floral pattern. Then, we finished it with a nice loop embroidery on the edges with a pop of color to give it a little bit of that hand made feel and completed it with some custom packaging for the retail experience. So, when you're looking at custom bandanas, consider the loop finishing edge stitching around the bandana, as well as the soft hand printing.

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Boulder Bloom Bandana for TVLA YOGA