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Custom Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for Anthem Branding.

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Hey, I'm Ted Church with Anthem Branding and today I want to showcase one of our own projects that we produced for the agency to give as a gift to our employees and to our clients and our prospective clients and just friends of the agency. We created this custom Bluetooth speaker. It features a scrim that is completely screen printed all over and we went off the edge all the way across the face of the speaker and then we included a metal laser-etched applique effectively medallion that is adhered to the custom speaker.

These things are great. They attach to your phone as Bluetooth. They come up and we can custom name them so if you wanted to call it "Anthem Vibes" or just "Anthem Branding" or whatever your company's name is you can do it. Ours happens to just say Anthem Branding so it features nicely in your Bluetooth list.

It has a really nice sound. While they're not submersible they are waterproof to be outside if it's raining or you're caught in the elements. And it's just a perfect travel companion for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park or if you're traveling in the backseat of the car and just want to listen to something different, or you're hanging out with friends.

These Bluetooth speakers are a great way to promote the business. We can customize it, certain quantities, every aspect of the color from not only the housing but also the scrim color and the screen as well as the metal piece that applies as a secondary location.

And then of course custom packaging, in our case we decided to go more black on black, tone-on-tone, but this can be done in any way and this is a great way to promote the brand and as a gift experience when you're opening it to have all of the labelings on it is just a nice touch for promoting the brand.

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Custom Anthem Branding Bluetooth Wireless Speaker