Custom Crocs & Personalized Crocs

If you’re looking for a hot custom product to shake up your promotional product line, Crocs — foam clogs made in Colorado — are all the rage. While we’ve seen Crocs for nearly 20 years, they are still in their prime and continue to surge in popularity thanks to the rise in stay-at-home and work-from-home life. 

Custom Crocs  

Considered by many in the fashion scene as the it shoe, Crocs have come far from the days of carrying the reputation footwear for dorks. With exclusive partnerships with celebrities such as Bad Bunny, Post Malone, Questlove, and Justin Bieber each releasing special-edition personalized Crocs, the potential for brands to shape and make their own is more evident than ever before.

Personalized Crocs Fuels Social Media

An ideal product for viral sensation on social channels like Instagram, personalized Crocs can embody custom merchandise designs that are eye-catching and very effective at making bold fashion statements. 

For brands with Gen Z audiences, these light-weight, extremely comfortable shoes are a relevant and trendy way to connect with them.

Styles for All 

Accessories like their ever-popular Jibbitz™ Charms create a subtle yet visible way for brands to add one last touch to their custom croc collection. 

Most styles of Crocs feature punched perforated holes across the top and around the toes. Jibbitz, which come in endless shapes from symbols and sayings to characters, food, plants, animals and more, are designed to fit into those holes, allowing wearers to add or remove as they’d like.

To take it one step further, you can choose to customize Jibbitz’ backing type, because #crocscharms. 

Custom Socks with Custom Crocs 

Say that ten times fast…! 

Crocs are most often worn without socks as they are designed to allow air to free flow around the foot, but with the rise in different fashion circles, custom socks that are paired with a line of custom Crocs are the complete package. For brands, offering a pair of Crocs with a pair of socks included, is another added way to expose the brand, send a strong message, and stay relevant with the most discerning Crocs loving fans. 

Anthem Branding’s Custom Croc Program 

Our team of design and branding experts will work closely with you to bring out the core elements of your brand and create something that sends your message loud and clear and connects with your audience only an incredible set of tailor-made Jibbitz can.  

Contact us to learn more today! 

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