Your Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

You don't have to worry about planning for effective corporate gifts with these top 10 corporate gift ideas your clients and employees will love.

Gift-giving can be a time-consuming and demanding task, especially if you're a large (or even small) business trying to invest in the best corporate gifts for clients and employees. Getting these gifts right to wow your business contacts and working team is crucial for effective business relationships and can make a difference.

To make it easier, browse our top 10 corporate gift ideas to find your inspiration.

Why Send Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts can help to build business relationships, cement your brand in the mind of clients and employees alike, and act as forms of business cards to present your brand to your contacts. If you can offer up high quality and unique corporate gift ideas, this can help to present your brand as one who cares about quality and cares about making the right impression.

Not only that, but using these top 10 corporate gift ideas to choose some great, customizable items means that you can easily display your company logo, get your branding recognized and better encourage people to trust in your products and services.

Your Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas

1. Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing says the perfect corporate gift like a good piece of technology. A Bluetooth speaker is one of the best tech items if you're looking for a gift to impress and definitely has a place as one of the top 10 corporate gift ideas. This hands free piece of tech is perfect for gifting to employees to use around the office, to use in their home office, or to enjoy on the go. It's ideal if you want to give a modern gift to clients that they can use anywhere, at any time, and is a good option if you're looking to spend a little more on a gift to impress.

2. Eco Friendly Water Bottle

Ensuring greener practices these days as a business is a must, and any client or employee who can receive a corporate gift knowing that it's good for the environment, too, will be a happy recipient. That's why reusable water bottles are included in the top 10 corporate gift ideas list because they're adaptable, eco-friendly, and perfect for any lifestyle.

They're great gifts to sit on the working desk with your brand logo on display; they can be taken during long commutes, during travels, used at home, and more. They're also ideal gifts for a team of employees, as they include caring for your employee's wellbeing, too, ensuring they are hydrated throughout the day.

3. Gift Baskets

This is a great corporate gift that can be tailored for any recipient and any purpose. Create your own themes, such as a seasonal sweet treat offering or a celebration of the best wines, or create the perfect wellbeing gift set for employees. There's so much you can do with gift baskets and a gifts box that means it's a versatile inclusion in the top 10 corporate gift ideas list.

4. Branded Mugs

When you're dealing with corporate gifts, it's good to think of something people can use all the time that is a practical and simple item. That's where custom mugs come in. They can make the perfect gifts for employees to keep around the office, sit on desks or even take home with them. For clients or other business contacts, they're great additions to their own offices or home life to be reminded of your brand logo and enjoy their favorite beverage anytime!

5. Gift Cards

A simple gift card can go a long way. It's an easy idea for a top 10 corporate gift idea that can be adapted to your budget and recipient. Gift cards are easy to dish out to your entire team to help them celebrate the holiday season or to celebrate a special occasion. They can remind clients of your brand whilst offering a flexible gift that can be spent at a convenient time for them, making a great gift option for anyone.

6. Office Supplies

High-quality stationery needs to have a place on the top 10 corporate gift ideas list because it's perfect for any working office or client relationship. Everyone needs a handy notebook, pen, calendar, or other essential supplies to keep stocked up and productive. These are also great gifts for the season, as recipients can start the New Year off right with a new diary or calendar to stay organized.

7. Hoodies and T-Shirts

Apparel is a great gift, and especially so due to having plenty of room and flexibility for placing your brand logo. T-shirts are foundation pieces for branded merchandise and make ideal corporate gifts. Hoodies can be more relevant for the holiday season if gifting during colder weather and will suit clients and employees alike, especially if the latter can wear it around the office.

8. Headgear

Just like hoodies and t-shirts, headgear has an important place on the top 10 corporate gift ideas list because it's ideal for any season. Whether it's beanies, baseball caps, or sunhats, branded headpieces will be key apparel items your recipients will love to wear.

9. Tote Bag

The tote bag is a must-have accessory item for busy people on-the-go, and the ideal accompaniment for work schedules or errands. Employees can use their tote bag for bringing in their lunch and supplies to the office, or clients can make use of them for busy seasonal shopping to carry their goods, and that's why it's a great idea to include them on the top 10 corporate gift ideas list.

10. Spa Essentials

If you're looking for thoughtful gifts and custom promotional products, wellbeing and spa items are a great choice. You can offer up a more personalized gift by creating wellbeing packs for employees or luxury spa items for treasured clients. If you want your brand to be synonymous with rest, relaxation, and wellbeing as a top priority, you'll want to try spa essentials for your top 10 corporate gift ideas this year.