What to Put in Employee Gift Bags?

Giving and receiving gifts in the workplace is team building facilitator and evokes feel-good among employees and managers. Even the smallest gift can make a difference to build morale and help employees feel more appreciated.

Not sure what to include in your employee gift bags, though? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our extensive list of gift ideas for employees – with creative and practical options to suit all budgets!

From promotional products that promise to please to gift sets that keep on giving, read on to discover five employee appreciation gift ideas that we guarantee you and your teams will love.

A Water Bottle

Eliminate the need for endless trips to the water cooler with their very own custom water bottle. The perfect gift idea for businesses that want to show they care about their employees’ wellbeing, a water bottle can be customized and branded with company logos and employee names so that your workers stay hydrated while showing off their personalized branded merch.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs and many different water bottle customization options, making this idea versatile as well as highly practical.

An Eye Mask

Another thoughtful addition to an employee gift bag or a swag bag that you intend to give out at networking events or your next conference is an eye mask – a great gift for everyone and guarantees to put a smile on the recipient’s face (or eyes!)

You could even add a lavender spray or box of chamomile tea to enjoy in the office or unwind at home after a long day. These little daily pick-me-ups are sure to help your team relax during breaks or after work!

A Power Bank

An employee gift box containing various technologies is always well received, with items such as a mini power bank and headphones being highly useful and thoughtful.

These can be branded with your company name and a small logo so that you can promote your business and show your appreciation for your employees simultaneously.

A Gift Card

Sure, this idea for an employee appreciation box might not be super original; however, a gift card is a great option to give – particularly during seasonal festivities as holiday swag. It’s also the perfect option for employees who work from home, as gift cards can be sent directly to them via email.

Another great thing about gift cards as gifts for employees is that you can choose a retailer based on what each employee likes, which helps showcase your business as one that takes an interest in its employees’ interests.

Stress Relievers

There is no denying that work can be stressful for everyone at times, so why not show your employees that you understand this and are there for them with a selection of stress relievers?

From stress reliever toys such as stress balls they can use while sitting at their desk to vouchers for the gym so that they can take their frustrations out on a punching bag, there are tons of stress relieving gifts for you to choose from.

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