What is a Swag Bag and How Can It Help Your Business?

A swag bag may be a term you’ve heard thrown around, but maybe you’ve never thought about the importance of one (or more) for your business.

What is a swag bag? A swag bag is a collection of promotional products which you can give for free to customers, prospects, employees, business contacts, or anyone who may be important to the business. 

Its main intent is to provide free goodies to promote your brand in a positive way and arm those who receive a branded swag bag with a bunch of high-quality branded merchandise that creates a lasting and memorable impression.

Consumers will also have their own expectations regarding a swag bag and the items they can expect. It is a great marketing opportunity for your brand. In this guide, we will look at what merchandise you can put in the bag and how it can help you.

This is the perfect guide for beginners and a great way for you to refresh your swag bag. 

What is a Swag Bag in Terms of Items?

So what should be in a swag bag? While it’s important to offer a great selection of usable items in a swag bag, it’s also important not to break the bank. It is naturally possible to provide a more luxury or high-end swag bag if the occasion calls for it, but swag bags are generally basic and everyday items that are cost-effective.

Everyday items are great choices for swag bags because they’re often what the consumer will reach for when they need, and be grateful that they have without having to buy themselves. This means they can be reminded of your brand every time they reach for a pen, custom notebooks, or need to go shopping with sturdy tote bags.

When thinking about what you should put inside your swag bag, you should therefore include items that are simple and practical and which your recipients can always find a use for.

It’s important to remember that simple and everyday items don’t mean low quality, though; you’ll still need to push high-quality swag items so that you don’t risk them breaking or failing to work properly (which can jeopardize the integrity of your brand, even with the simplest of items).

Here are just some of the type of swag you can look to include:

Phone Accessories

If there’s one thing everyone needs, no matter the consumer demographic, it’s phone accessories. Phone chargers can be great swag items because they will always have a purpose. You may even want to think about portable phone charging equipment (such as car chargers) as these can be even more helpful for consumers who have a home charger but not a travel adaptor.

Power banks are also great standard swag items, offering a dependable backup for charging devices, especially on the go. What is a swag bag without a trusty power device?

Seasonal Items

You may also want to diversify your swag based on the time of the year, occasion, or season. This can increase the likelihood of your swag being used by the recipient and make it more applicable.

Seasonal items could include branded headwear like summer strawhats, branded beach scarves, beach towels, or flip flops. When it comes to seasonal promotional items, recipients are never going to have too many, and especially if they’re travel-friendly.

These can also be great options for swag at events abroad or where recipients have needed to travel. If they have arrived to unexpected hot (or cold) weather, any branded free swag like hats and gloves are highly likely to be used for the rest of their trip and for future trips.

Water Bottles

A water bottle is a standard item everyone needs, whether it’s for on the go, at home, or on the work desk. This is also the perfect swag item because it can be kept and reused. If someone has received a reusable water bottle, the chances are high that they’re going to continue using it.

When planning swag items like water bottles, however, you should think about extra features like making your bottles eco-friendly, as this will show that your brand cares about the environment and will greatly appeal to eco-aware consumers and recipients. When choosing swag items, you want to think about the universal appeal, so taking steps like creating more eco-friendly items will be a more relevant option. 

Custom Swag

While free swag can be generic, fun, and simple, it can also be customized to have a greater effect. Custom swag can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your need and the recipient.

You may want to customize your goodies by choosing a very specific item for a certain person in mind; you may want to completely personalize an item by asking a contact what they’re most looking for, or you may want to do a general customization such as different versions of the same swag items but tailored for children, adults or different genders.

These are just some of the most popular swag bag ideas you may want to try.

When Can You Use a Swag Bag?

Swag bags are goodie bags used to promote your business and brand, so they can be used for an occasion that offers a marketing opportunity and a chance to provide something to consumers or business contacts face to face.

A great example of this is a trade show, as most trade shows and business stands will always offer branded swag items. This is a prime opportunity to make your first swag bag. You can make up standard swag bags for event attendees to give when they visit your booth. Therefore, they have something to remember your brand by.

When thinking about providing swag at trade shows, consider what your visitors are most likely going to respond well to. Attending a trade show is a demanding and tiring experience (even if a positive one), so visitors may appreciate anything to help, like refreshing water bottles or comfortable clothing.

What is a Swag Bag to Your Brand?

While swag can be generalized, everyday items, it’s important to pick swag that also directly reflects your business and be customized to do so. For example, if you’re an electronics business, swag such as chargers and power ports are a must. If you’re a paper or publishing company, why not try pens and notebooks as your swag? A clothing brand naturally might want to push swag like t-shirts, hats, or other clothing merchandise. All done with a unique twist that makes these everyday items stand out and represent your brand in a different way.

Exploring your swag bag options means understanding what would be an appealing promotional item that complements your specific brand. You can contact the team at Anthem Branding for great branded goodies and promotional products, perfect for any swag bag.