What Are Crew Socks?

Have you heard of crew socks, but are not entirely sure what they are?

Referring to a particular length of sock, crew socks are one of the most popular type of sock, delivering comfort, quality, and style.

Interested to know more about what are crew socks and why you should be wearing them?

Read on to discover everything you possibly need to know about crew socks, including what are the benefits of crew length socks and how to wear crew socks.

About crew socks

As mentioned above, crew socks are incredibly popular socks. In fact, chances are you already have several pairs of crew socks in your sock drawer.

When answering the question “what are crew socks,” typically, when it comes to sock lengths, these reach to the mid calf in length, although you can get micro crew socks, also known as mini crew socks, that are shorter and ankle length.

In terms of design, there are three main types of crew socks available:

Dress socks

Casual socks

Athletic socks or ankle socks

You can also get custom socks in a crew cut that offer a more bespoke and original sock-wearing experience.

Why wear crew socks?

There are so many reasons why you should wear crew socks, including comfort, versatility, style, and adaptability. They are widely available both in stores and online and are one of the most affordable types of socks on the market.

It can be useful to think of crew socks in the same way that you think about your favorite pair of underwear. They are reliable, comfortable, high quality, and they do the job.

Crew socks are also good at wicking away moisture which is ideal for people who are prone to sweaty feet or play sports. You can also machine wash them.

What are crew socks made of?

Crew socks are usually made from 100% cotton, but you can also find cotton-polyester blends of crew socks.

If you look hard, you can now purchase crew socks that are made of spandex and more luxurious varieties that are made of silk or wool.

How do crew socks fit?

In most cases, for men and women, one-size-fits-all crew socks will comfortably fit your feet. However, if you have particularly small or large feet, you may need to look for custom socks that fit your specific foot size.

It is important that your choice of crew socks fit your feet properly, as too small socks can cause chafing, and too large socks can be a tripping hazard.

How to wear crew socks

Crew socks are among the most versatile types of socks on the market and can be dressed up or down.

Pair your crew socks with casual wear or sportswear for a relaxed daytime look when wearing shorts, or look for a more intricately designed pair that demand to be seen.

Crew socks can be worn by men, women, and children alike and are designed to be long-lasting and durable. They can be worn with most styles of shoes, including sneakers, running shoes, hiking boots, brogues, and heeled boots. They also look great when matched with custom apparel.

If you feel daring, you can try wearing socks with your summer sandals or flip-flops. Just be sure to pick a bold and colorful design.