What are Brand Elements? All You Need to Know

Your brand isn't just about the product or service you sell. While your offering within the business world and your customer service are crucial to your success, they're also not everything when it comes to building a recognizable brand. You also need key brand elements which make up each part of your overall brand. What are brand elements? These could be perceived as building blocks to what your brand is, how it's recognized, and its overall design and impact.

In exploring what are brand elements, you're understanding which features add to the overall brand experience and how your brand differentiates from the competition through its own recognized design features.

What are Brand Elements You Might Already Know?

To give an example of some effective brand elements used by leading companies:


This soft drink giant has very iconic brand elements which can easily be recognized. The color red, the white font choice, its famous slogan progression including 'It's the Real Thing' and 'Taste the Feeling', as well as its distinctive logo.


This famous footwear and sportswear brand incorporate effective brand elements which are solidified in the minds of many. The Nike swoosh is recognizable and famous; even without the word 'Nike' beside it — you're able to recognize the brand based solely on that. Nike's famous slogan 'Just Do It' has easily become a part of many people's repertoires. The Nike tick is, therefore, an iconic visual trademark that every business should strive for.

6 Key Brand Elements Your Business Needs to Include

So what are brand elements in their simplest form? When creating your brand, these are the brand elements your brand, product, or service should absolutely explore:

Brand Name

You may not have even considered your actual brand name to be a key part of answering what are brand elements, but it's actually the most important one. Your brand name will be everything: it's how customers speak about you, know about you, search for you, and relate everything back to you.


This is another key answer to what are brand elements because it's all about being memorable. Your slogan is just another way for your consumers to remember your brand, or recognize it, even if they can't see your company name.

Your Brand's Slogan

This is another key answer to what are brand elements because it's all about being memorable. Your slogan is just another way for your consumers to remember your brand, or recognize it, even if they can't see your company name.

Your Brand's Color Scheme

You may be wondering what are brand elements in terms of color and why is it so important? Choosing the right color scheme is imperative in business. Certain colors can result in consumers' particular feelings, not to mention certain colors have particular connotations. For example, does your company need to use a fiery red, or would a more soothing robin egg blue fit, like Tiffany's, who use this color to represent luxury? If you're promoting an exciting and high-adrenaline product, you need a color to suit.

The Type of Images Your Brand Uses

This is mostly applicable to your marketing material and the images you post on social media. You should concentrate on creating branded images that fit with your overall aesthetic so that when consumers are scrolling through your profile page (like on Instagram), all images are cohesive. The type of images could be the filter used, the colors, or the background, for example.


Not to be confused with a font (which is the style and shape of letters and numbers used), typography is how you choose to arrange text and make it as legible as possible. Often, the way you choose to place text can have a big visual impact and become recognizable to your brand.

These all play an important role in building your brand's identity. What's important to remember when answering what are brand elements and how do you use them, is that everything needs to remain cohesive. If you differentiate in style or choice between any of these elements, and this causes a jarring difference from the rest of your design choices, this can work against your brand and present it to be inconsistent.

All of your brand elements are there to develop a cohesive, well-rounded brand personality that consumers can always expect the same from and become familiar with. Answering what are brand elements should also explore: what do I need my brand elements to be, and the message I want them to convey?

The brand elements you choose will make a significant difference to how your brand is represented, as well as how your company product is perceived.

Exploring what are brand elements is an exciting time for a business to explore what it is, solidify its brand strategy through design elements and altogether work for successful branding overall.

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