Unique Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas for a Rewarding Holiday Season

Trying to decide on corporate gift ideas which will give the right impression can be tricky, as there are so many great customizable options out there for clients and employees alike. Getting corporate Christmas gifts right can make a huge difference for better business relationships and ending the year on a positive note. That’s why exploring all the great unique corporate holiday gift ideas is a good way to plan for making the most of the holiday season and cementing business loyalty with a creative gift or two.

Below are some unique corporate holiday gift ideas which you can explore for your clients and employees to make sure that your brand is at the forefront of their minds this rewarding holiday season!

Chocolate Covered Treats

Christmas time is a season for indulgence and treats, which means anything chocolate-covered is bound to be rewarding. Opting for chocolate-covered treats is one way to make a simple treat item a little bit more luxurious, such as chocolate-covered strawberries, so it’s a great idea for unique corporate holiday gift ideas that you want to be a little more extravagant, such as for high-end clients.

Chocolate-covered treats are great ideas for standalone gift sets, or can be made as part of a delicious food or dessert set.

Bottle of Wine

The season of indulgence also means for drinking, too, and any recipient of a good bottle of wine will be appreciative for the festive period. Bottles of wine can be great unique corporate holiday gift ideas because they can be completely tailored to your budget and need.

You can gift basic bottles of wine for smaller budgets if you just want something festive and cheerful, or you can opt for more expensive bottles of wine if you want to add extravagance to your unique corporate holiday gift ideas. Not only that, but you can even create branded and personalized labels to include messages on the bottle if you want a more personalized gift.

Personalized Christmas Decoration

What better time to create personalized gifts which can be displayed in the home or office? Personalized Christmas decorations are a fantastic Christmas gift idea to create a special item that can then be displayed and used for years to come, too. If you can create a Christmas decoration that has your brand logo on it or even a personalized message, you’re guaranteeing unique corporate holiday gift ideas which can be used actively for the festive period.

This is also perfect to be displayed on corporate trees in office buildings for clients and employees.

Gift Card

This is one of the simplest unique corporate holiday gift ideas, but it can be one of the best for simple and effective gestures. Gift cards can be branded and tailored to whatever you need them to be, making them easy ideas suitable for absolutely any recipient. Gift cards are particularly helpful over the holiday season, as they help all recipients with extra festive spending, stocking up on essential holiday supplies, or even taking advantage of festive discounts.

Gift Basket

For unique corporate holiday gift ideas, try creating a gift basket with the recipient in mind to make it truly personal. If you can create a gift basket filled with items tailored for a specific person and their likes and interests, this will make your gift go even further, such as a business contact you know well or an employee who has been working hard all year.

Gift baskets are amongst the best unique corporate holiday gift ideas because the basket and presentation themselves can be part of the gift, especially if you add a little luxury and ostentatiousness to the design.

Gourmet Food Basket

Take the gift basket idea one step further by creating a gourmet gift with food and edible treats. This can be a wonderful gift for the holiday season because it’s the perfect time for indulging in delicious gourmet food, and you can guarantee that your gift will be used during the festive sociable period spent at home or even in the office.

Box of Chocolates

If in doubt for unique corporate holiday gift ideas and wanting something simple, a box of chocolates for the holiday season would be perfect. Even for those people who don’t indulge too much in chocolate throughout the year, Christmas is one time you can guarantee a box of chocolates is going to be wanted and used!

You can make a box of chocolates more personal by shopping for the recipient’s favorites, like dark chocolate only, or by creating a bespoke box of chocolates for important recipients.


The Christmas season is going to require lots of high quality drinkware to handle large parties or even relaxing drinks spent alone. That’s why custom tumblers, custom mugs, or any other customized drinkware is going to make for great and unique corporate holiday gift ideas.

You can even create a custom gift by having a particular message printed on a mug or wine glass.

Gift Set

The holiday season definitely calls for a thoughtful gift set or two, and these can make the perfect gifts for employees if you want to hand something out to everyone. Gift sets can be simple with essential items, or they can be made into a unique gift by tailoring the items inside to a theme or based on what the recipient likes.

You could even opt for a holiday or Christmas-themed gift set to set the mood and equip them with holiday essentials to enjoy.

Let Anthem Branding Help You Celebrate the Corporate Holiday Season

With our range of corporate gifts and branded client gifting, you won’t be left wanting when it comes to unique corporate holiday gift ideas this year. Our branding services can help you to select and produce the best corporate gift ideas for employees and clients.