TVLA YOGA: Building Community and Connection With Custom Headwear and Accessories

TVLA YOGA is a Boulder-based e-commerce company that produces versatile tools and clothing to help every yogi enhance their practice through symmetry and style. Managing partners Janelle Holter and John Gregory Sackett wanted ways to tangibly promote a feel-good vibe from the yoga studio to outdoor adventures and beyond.

Since they partnered with Anthem Branding in 2017, TVLA has launched a number of custom hats and accessory collections, each possessing eco-conscious materials, durable designs, and versatile components; driving engagement with their audience, boosting sales, and more financial contributions toward helping animals in need.

TVLA wanted to find a tangible way to carry their brand not only to and from the studio but also to those moments in between

Holter and Sackett are both active, outdoor people — and because of this, they wanted to produce custom pieces that were not only worn to and from the yoga studio but pieces that fit any kind of adventure.

“Every [company] that we were clicking on was pretty generic and did not have that custom feel,” says Holter. “Then we found Anthem Branding’s page.”

When TVLA found us, they had their feelers out with multiple vendors to get help with other branded items, yet from their first meeting with us here in our Boulder design studio, TVLA quickly realized that partnering with us meant they could streamline their creative branding needs.

“We realized Anthem was the whole package; a one-stop-shop to get it ALL done,” says Holter, who told us that the development of the TVLA brand identity through our partnership enables it to become clearer and evolve into clean-cut pieces.

How creative design helps TVLA tangibly translate their brand

There are a few ways in which we establish an effective brand ethos including identifying the target audience, establishing a brand tone, and conveying it using design. For TVLA, design played a large part in carrying its narrative into an electric and geometric aesthetic that sparks interest without losing focus on what they do — a critical element for long-term brand sustainability.

“Every aspect of TVLA’s visual identity is centered around symmetry and alignment,” says Lisa Tupy, art director at Anthem Branding. “The core values of TVLA’s mission are beautifully and consistently translated through their identity system.”

When working with TVLA on building out their apparel line, a top priority was to keep it practical and beneficial for all levels of yoga practitioners. “With that in mind I knew subtle design details and high-quality materials were going to play a huge part in these products,” says Tupy.

Boulder Beanie

Coal Camper Hat

The Align[MAT]

Balance Block

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