Top Employee Christmas Gift Ideas (And Why They’re Needed)

The holiday season is always a time for gift-giving and showing gratitude, but this doesn’t only mean for your home life, family, and friends. So much of a person’s life is spent within a working environment, and employees will spend more hours of their life at work than they will at home.

Employee Christmas gift ideas may seem like a novelty, or perhaps not needed, but they can make a significant difference to your employee loyalty, morale, positivity, and the overall ethos of your brand and company. Showing your employees that they are appreciated through thoughtful employee Christmas gift ideas at the most wonderful time of year is always worth the effort.

Why Are Employee Christmas Gift Ideas Important?

The end-of-year holiday period can be exciting and stressful all at once. Employees may be working overtime to earn some extra money for their holiday plans, they may be working extra hard for the company to make sure everything is tied up nicely before the Christmas break, or maybe businesses are working tirelessly to get orders, services, or products out in time during the Christmas rush.

There’s no doubt that the Christmas period for businesses means a busy environment and extra hard work. Not only that, but it’s the end of the year for employees, which means a chance to rest after a long, hard year and also a chance to reflect.

This means the perfect opportunity for employee Christmas gift ideas for many reasons. If your employees have been working tirelessly, a gift to show gratitude will go a long way. If your employees are working for extra holiday income, gifts they can use, and share will make a difference during the holiday period. If your employees have been working for the company for a long time, Christmas can be the right time to reward loyalty.

Overall, employee Christmas gift ideas and corporate gifts for employees are important because they make employees feel happy, rewarded, and appreciated.

Top Employee Christmas Gift Ideas to Treat Your Team

Here is your gift guide if you’re looking for inspiration to treat your team with quality employee Christmas gift ideas.

Home Office Gifts

Whether your employees are working from home or whether they just have their own office space at home for pastimes, home office gifts will always be worthwhile and practical employee Christmas gift ideas. Home office gifts could be desk essentials like mouse mats, notepads, water bottles, or desk lamps, or you could go a little more creative and try office plants, home office artwork, or desk ornaments.

Treat Them with a Gift Card

Gift cards can be extremely well received during the holiday period, as they offer flexibility and extra spending potential for your employees. Holiday gift cards are best designed if they can allow for food, drink, or personal shopping, as your employees might want to use the gift card to stock up on Christmas day supplies and essentials. These gift cards, which tailor for large department stores, may be the best option to provide lots of choices for your employee Christmas gift ideas.

Personalized Christmas Gifts or Holiday Gifts

Any simple holiday gift can become infinitely more special if it's personalized. This could be with a personal thank you or best wishes message, simply putting your employee’s name on the item, or something extra like choosing their favorite colors or items. Personalized gift ideas show that you’ve put more thought and care into items and result in a unique gift.

Make it an Occasion

You might want to treat your whole staff team as one and have an event or occasion as a staff gift for everyone. Around Christmas time, employees can expect holiday parties to celebrate the end of the year, so why not invest more in the occasion and make it an event to remember as a real treat for employees who have been working hard all year?

Relaxation Essentials

Time off from work during the Christmas period means the perfect time to relax for your employees, so a gift set of items to help them do just that can be ideal employee Christmas gift ideas. This could be a small gift of scented seasonal candles, essential oil, bath salts, or a pamper kit.

Gifts for Remote Teams

Remote teams can easily feel isolated, but the holiday season is the perfect time to bring everyone together. Hosting virtual meetings and happy hour events means the perfect opportunity for virtual meeting gifts, like food and drink gift boxes, cocktail, and alcohol gift baskets, or custom mugs so remote employees can drink their favorite beverage.

A General Office Gift

When in doubt, basic office gifts are great ideas and gifts that can also keep giving even after the holiday season is over. An employee gift during the holiday season could consist of engraved desk pens, custom notebooks, a desk clock, or a desk calendar.