Top Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Brand in 2021

Corporate gifts are the perfect opportunity to show your business contacts that they’re appreciated. It can be a general thank you for their loyalty and commitment, or maybe a very specific thank you during a busy or demanding time.

In 2021, it’s more vital than ever to show people that they’re appreciated due to the current pandemic and the struggles businesses and people alike are facing. That’s why corporate gift ideas are even more important to keep up spirits and morale.

Corporate gifts are also so much more than that, too. They allow your brand to be further marketed by using branded merchandise, as well as helping your brand to stick in the minds of your customers, partners, suppliers, or even employees all year round.

So if you’re looking to make this year the year of exceptional corporate gift ideas, here are some you may want to try out.

Choose a Wine Gift

Wine is always a gift that will go down well, no matter whether it’s client gifts, business partners, or other business contacts. Especially around seasonal occasions, the right bottle of wine will always be well appreciated.

You may want to opt for one extra special bottle of wine for each contact, or you may want to make it a more special and personalized gesture by choosing a wine gift set or perhaps taking the time to find out your contact’s favorite bottle.

Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re locked down and working from home this year or working within an essential workplace, music is going to help you get through. Bluetooth speakers are the ideal tech gift to be used on the go or to help make a workplace environment more motivated, which means any client or business professional gifted one will place the Bluetooth speakers are at the top of the list for useful corporate gift ideas.

Bluetooth Speaker and Packaging by Anthem Branding

Personalize a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are so easy to arrange and personalize, and they’ll always be well received. The presentation of gift baskets can make simple corporate gift ideas seem even more special, and you may even want to tailor them to a time of year or occasion, such as chocolate-covered goodies or bottles of wine, beer, or a specific spirit.

Personalizing a gift basket may even be as simple as writing a personalized card to go with it.

Custom Face Mask

During the current crisis, nothing is more relevant than high-quality face masks. This is an example of how you can make an essential item into a branded and personalized gift. If you can also customize face masks to display your logo, you’re also ensuring marketing potential every time it’s worn, too!

Reusable Water Bottle

Along with the pandemic, another key topic of discussion for 2021 is the environment. Businesses as a whole are working to be more eco-friendly, which means reducing plastic waste through reusable water bottles is one of the best corporate gift ideas you go opt for.

To make your water bottle a more unique corporate gift, you can personalize it with branding, logos, or a tailored message — or maybe even choose eco-friendly casing in relevant colors.

Premium Gifts

Sometimes, corporate gifting needs a little something extra. It may be that you want to treat your relevant contacts to something highly exclusive or more on the expensive side to truly show your appreciation.

In finding the perfect gift on the premium side, think about how you can upgrade basic gift ideas into higher quality. You may want to replace a branded notebook with a leather-bound journal, complete with an expensive pen. Or you may choose a gift box packed with items from luxury brands and stores.

Premium gift items still raise brand awareness and appreciation while showing that little something extra.

Provide a Gift Card

Gift cards are highly customizable, meaning you can choose the occasion, store, gift card amount, and presentation for each individual. This can often be a quick and easy gesture for a great corporate gift, too, and can easily be sent out in the post.

Customizing Your Corporate Gift Ideas with Anthem

Using custom promotional products for your business gifts is one way to increase brand awareness while also showing your appreciation to those you do business with every day. At Anthem, we can help you find and create the perfect company gift ideas that will ensure your brand is at the forefront of everyone’s mind for 2021.