Top Branded Event and Festival Merchandise Ideas

A great marketing campaign demands an even greater marketing strategy, and sometimes, this means going out of your way to make a big splash in the eyes of your audience.

What better place to drum up excitement for your brand than an event or a festival? Spirits are already running high, people are there to have fun, and your brand should be ready to get in on the action in a positive and impactful capacity.

Whether you’re hosting your own event anytime soon, or you’re planning on showing up in all your glory at someone else’s, you’ll need to have the right event merchandise on hand for the occasion.

Outdoor promotion products can be tough to get right, so here are some prime festival merchandise examples to get you started in the right direction.

Water Bottles

Having fun at festivals is thirsty work, but thankfully, you can rectify this issue with some outdoor industry and get your company noticed at the same time by dishing out custom water bottles - it’s a win-win!

It gives your audience something tangible and permanent to remember you. Plus, it’s actually useful and not just a wasteful outdoor advertising gimmick either.


Custom hats are a staple of event merchandise. Hats are a great and uncomplicated outdoor advertising memento, and they help remind people of the good time they have, and hopefully that your brand exists.

The weather is always a factor at outdoor events, so having some branded hats on hand (and head) is usually a good idea.

Photo by: Sandy Beach Association


Many people love collecting tees from various events. They start to become elusive, exclusive, and, of course, ideal customized outdoor promotional items; it’s one of the reasons bands love them so much.

Good marketing managers will be able to tell you that the key to desirable event merchandise is usability, and a tee is an essential classic.

Branded Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing products can be a superb piece of event merchandise. It shows your audience that you recognize the need for safety in this strange era, all while you show off your brand name at the same time.

Since safety is still a number one priority for many, offering branded hand sanitizing products may also help your audience feel more comfortable at your events in general.


Come rain or shine, the festival look would probably not be complete without some sunglasses.

Why not make the most out of your outdoor promotions and create some weird and wonderful sunglasses to sell as merch?

You could even consider the marketing value of events giveaways and simply hand out some novelty branded sunglasses for free! It’s event merchandise for people to remember you by!

Custom Facemasks

Bespoke facemasks are still incredibly popular, and they work perfectly in terms of festival merchandise.

They promote the value of safety, and they’re functional and easy to put away, making them a handy product for promoting your brand.

Don’t forget to post your event to social media either. You’ll likely want to create a big buzz, and this is a good place to do it.

Dealing with outdoor media for event marketing can be extremely difficult, but it adds a whole new dynamic to your strategy, and its effectiveness and reach shouldn’t be underestimated, so get that festival merchandise flowing!