Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Summer is hiding somewhere in the near(ish) future, and regardless of whether or not this means sun and fun in your part of the world, you’ll likely need to mix up your marketing campaign strategy a little.

Marketing strategies quickly become obsolete if they aren’t able to adapt to the changing landscape around them.

For marketing professionals and small business owners everywhere, this means coming up with some great new summer marketing ideas.

If summer marketing ideas are simply eluding you as of this moment, then don’t panic; here are some suggestions you can steal and call your own.

Host a Sale

Perhaps the oldest and most dependable of summer marketing ideas, a summer sale can truly get the audience excited. People tend to associate the start of summer with joy, warmth, and happiness, so why not encapsulate this exciting time with your brand by offering discounts?

Sales promotion can be a great way to boost positive awareness while giving your audience base something to look forward to in the future.

Offer Summer-Themed Merch

Who doesn’t love a bit of themed merch? A list of summer marketing ideas would be incomplete without it.

Summer themes worth doubling down on include the sunshine, the great outdoors, beaches, and, of course, balmy summer evenings.

Some prime examples include custom straw hats (they’re summer staples that offer both practicality and brand visibility) and custom t-shirts, timeless additions to any branding professionals toolkit.

Custom hats of any kind are worth exploring, too, as they tend to be relatively inexpensive to make and to purchase, allowing for a less committal exchange from the audience, but you still get to relish in the benefits of branded merch. Don’t forget trucker hats either, a summer classic that seems to last the entire year.

Go Outside

Make the most of the summer weather! If you can, host outdoor events and bask in the sunshine. Make a splash by hosting a big water fight, start an ongoing outdoor summer photo contest on social media, throw a picnic for your VIP customers, try whatever you can do to embrace the summer and get people excited!

Design Branded Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are a supremely popular personal accessory nowadays, so you should think about making your own branded options for customers.

Personalized water bottles can be cool, sophisticated, useful, long-lasting, and generally good for slapping some branding onto at the same time. Plus, you can fit custom water bottles neatly into your marketing campaign for the summer months, as people need to stay hydrated when the weather gets warmer and drier; it makes perfect sense!

Work with the Holidays

There are plenty of summer holidays to theme your marketing campaign around, and it might be worth designing part of your campaign around the big ones like Independence Day and Memorial Day. Show your love for widely respected holidays, and you’ll likely net yourself some more customers.

Keep It Cohesive

From selling branded embroidered hats to throwing an outdoor networking event, a good summer campaign needs to be cohesive, so make sure you update your merch in order for it to coincide with the rest of your marketing efforts.

Cohesive marketing ideas result in recognizability, relevance, and hopefully, increased brand familiarity over time. If you’re going to go for the whole warm summer vibe, you need to make sure your entire presence reflects this decision. Hopefully, these summer marketing ideas are more than enough to be getting on with in the meantime.