Struggling Over Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees? This Guide Has You Covered

Holiday gifts can often be a source of stress for businesses and individuals alike, but when you’re thinking about your hard-working employees and how you can show them that they’re best appreciated, it’s important to get your holiday gifts for employees right.

So if you’re struggling for gift ideas, this guide can help you find your seasonal inspiration — and your employees will thank you for it.

Why are Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees Important?

There are many benefits to investing in a meaningful gift for the season for your employees. These include:

  • Improved morale. Holiday gifts show that you have thought of your employees and that you care about them feeling appreciated. Holiday gift ideas for employees should focus on making them feel supported and cared for in a supportive working environment. Therefore the right gift — or even just a general gesture — will help your employees feel and valued by the company they work for.
  • Branded merchandise. There’s potential for your holiday gifts to be used to better promote your brand as a bonus. The gifts that can be used out and about, like travel items, could help with furthering the awareness and reach of your brand. Your employees might be more than willing to show their favorite piece of branded merchandise to the people they meet, too, like travel mugs or headwear. Custom promotional products as gifts are all free marketing and advertising!
  • Ending the year on a high. Holiday gifts, in particular, arrive at an important time of year for businesses. You’re coming to the end of one year and thinking about a new one beginning — and the same goes for your employees. You’ll want to promote as much positivity as possible during this transition, and memorable gifts can help put your workforce in a positive mindset for the end of the year, and one which can then extend into the new year, too. Holiday gifts are, therefore, ideal for spreading a little seasonal cheer and motivation.

Your Inspiration

Choosing the perfect corporate and holiday gifts for your employees doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some great holiday gift ideas for employees.

Food and Drink Will Always Go Down a Treat

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is going to see a high amount of indulging in food and drink, which means anything extra to add to that will be a great gift. Party essentials or special items can be great gift ideas, such as your employee’s favorite bottle of wine or a gift basket filled with seasonal treats.

For employees who love doing their own holiday food and drink shopping, you may even want to consider gift cards for a popular grocery store so that they can browse themselves.

Think About Alternative Gestures

When considering holiday gifts for employees, it doesn’t always have to be the obvious. There are many alternative seasonal gestures or gifts which may not be the traditional wrapped sort that your employees would surely appreciate.

This could be extra paid time off that they can cash in when suitable for them, such as an extra day’s paid leave. Especially as the holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends, this extra paid time off can be a boon.

Holiday gifts could even be as easy as hosting an office holiday party or another seasonal celebration you arrange for your employees to enjoy. Simply having the afternoon off to chill at a party will make employees happy and provide a moment to relax with their colleagues.

A Mug is a Useful Gift

No holiday season is complete without at least one mug gift! That’s because they’re so practical, and not only for the holiday season, either. The perfect coffee mug can be ideal for warm holiday drinks with friends and family, which can then still be used in the office throughout the year.

Holiday gift ideas for employees could also include travel mugs for employees who work on the road or commute to work. Or maybe even handy if they’re visiting relatives over the holiday season.

Home Office Essentials

Remind your employees how much they’re appreciated even when they’re working outside the office. Branded corporate gifting can be a great addition to any home office desk setup and keep them inspired when working from home.

Office supplies as gifts could include branded blankets to keep their desk chair cozy, desktop essentials like clocks, stationery, and notebooks, or maybe even something to keep in the room, such as artwork, calendars, or small potted plants.

Give Your Employees the Freedom of Choice with Gift Cards

If you don’t want to shop around for a physically wrapped gift but want to do a little more than a monetary bonus, gift cards are great options for a thoughtful gift with a little more freedom. With a gift card to their favorite store, for example, your employee can browse themselves for their new favorite item and feel appreciated all the same. It also takes the pressure off trying to find the perfect gift for everyone.

Fashionable Headwear is Always a Must

Holidays that fall in the cold weather months are certainly the perfect time for headwear, whether it’s keeping your head warm or adding to a winter outfit. High-quality headwear when it comes to holiday gifts is such a versatile choice. You can gift custom made hats to all your employees depending on their style and color preference — and even present them in a nice gift box.

Final Thoughts

The gesture of an employee gift in itself is all that matters; your employees will feel gratitude and appreciationno matter what you opt for when it comes to the right gift. Branded merchandise and fun business gifts can be a great way to end the year.

We Have Your Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees Covered

At Anthem Branding, we have a range of corporate merchandise options for the perfect holiday gift. If you’re unsure of the perfect holiday gift ideas for employees, let the items discussed in this guide inspire you, and don’t hesitate to speak to our team for branded holiday essentials.