Privacy Tools to Add to Your Company’s WFH Kit

Going full-time remote is a big adjustment. From reconfiguring a routine to eliminating home distractions — there certainly can be a learning curve until things feel and work just right.

One aspect of remote work that definitely cannot be overlooked is privacy.

Aside from software configurations and firewall protection to ensure remote employees are not inadvertently putting company data and information at risk, here are some items to help keep company data secured and protected when teams are away from the office.

Webcam cover

We love the slider webcam covers versus the sticker options as they tend to last longer and look professional. These covers offer brands a fun way to customize and make their own.

There are a lot of options including full color, different shapes, and ways it opens — either sliding or swiveling, for example.

Mic block

Plug into a device’s auxiliary port to keep conversations private with a branded microphone blocker.

Headphones or earbuds

Make sure proprietary company meetings are being heard and listened to by those they’re intended to by making sure calls and virtual meetings are equipped with headphones or ear buds.

USB data blockers

Help employees devices stay safe from unwanted data transfers and access with a USB data blocker that keeps data private and protected from malware and hackers.

Connect the blocker between the charging cable and the USB port for access to remain private while the device charges.

Create a branded remote kit for your team

Our team will learn about your brand, what’s important to the company and its employees, and work with you to curate a remote work kit that continues to set up your teams — no matter where they are working — for success.

Have something specific in mind? Share the details and we will be in contact with you!