How to style a fanny pack

Jigsaw digital custom fanny pack by anthem branding
Justine Rohde
13 Mar 2023

Not sure how to style a fanny pack? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Once banished to the land that fashion forgot, fanny packs (also known as belt bags or hip packs) have come back with a vengeance and can be seen all over the catwalk and out in the wild.

Check out super stylish ways to rock the fanny pack trend below!

Key Takeaways

Fanny packs have made a fashionable comeback, offering versatile styling options such as wearing them around the waist, slinging them across the chest, layering over clothing, pairing with hoodies, and even matching with dresses. Whether for casual or chic looks, fanny packs provide a convenient and stylish way to carry essentials.

Wear around your waist

Classic and understated, the most popular way of wearing a fanny pack is around your waist. Allowing you to store all your must-have items hands free, try wearing your fanny pack around your natural waistline for a casual vibe.

If your fanny pack is on the smaller side, you can try looping it through the belt hoops of jeans or cargo pants for an effortlessly laid-back look.

Jigsaw digital custom fanny pack by anthem branding

Sling across your chest

To style as a fanny pack crossbody bag, this is the look for you.

This option is a great idea for those investing in custom fanny packs for their business because it grants maximum visibility, enabling you to showcase your brand in full force. Wear over a blazer or fitted denim jacket for a professional yet relaxed vibe.

Custom cross body bag by anthem branding

Layer over clothes

Layering is always in fashion, and there’s no reason why you can’t apply this trend to your fanny pack. Wear it as a belt over your jacket or winter coat and rock this must-have fashion accessory to maximum effect.

Alternatively, you could choose to wear matching pants and jacket and a white t shirt underneath, while using your fanny pack as a belt to tie it all together.

Nebula custom crossbody by anthem branding

Wear over a hoodie

Fanny packs also make great shoulder bags. Show off a casual vibe and street style by wearing your fanny pack over your shoulder with an oversized hoodie. To make this look work, opt for black fanny packs, as this will allow your chosen hoodie to do the talking.

On the other hand, if you prefer to add a pop of color, any solid hue will work just as well. Just make sure that it doesn’t match the color of your hoodie, as this will prevent your fanny pack from standing out.

Cherbundi custom crossbody bag by anthem branding

Pair with a dress

Although you may not think that fanny packs or bum bags will go with a dress, you may be surprised at just how pulled together this ensemble can look – especially if worn as a waist bag that accentuates your figure.

Perfectly match a dress and pair of skyscraper heels with a pretty floral or patterned fanny pack, and you’ll look simply stunning while enjoying your day with all your essential items close to your chest.

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