How to Promote My Construction Business: 7 Marketing Tips

Marketing is a must, no matter the business industry you're in; but for the construction industry and other similar businesses which don't actively provide a product or service online, areas like digital marketing and online marketing potential can be far down on the priority list if you're busy working out on-site and dealing directly with customers face-to-face rather than thinking about how to promote your construction business.

You may even think that, with a regular stream of construction jobs, the work speaks for itself, and you may not need to have any marketing strategy at all. You may not have even thought about an official company website if you're so used to dealing with contracts and customers in person. However, asking how to promote your construction business and taking the right marketing steps is imperative for keeping your business afloat and working to grow your business for future success.

The main answer to the question of this blog, "how to promote my construction business?" is going to be a lot of online marketing work and branding opportunities, but that doesn't mean it also isn't about in-person marketing too.

To find the best ways to market your construction business, here are seven tips to ensure all your avenues are covered.

1. Set Up Your Website with Online Content

The first thing any potential customers are going to do is look for your official business website. This might be to search for your contact information if they're already aware of your company, or it might be when trying to find a construction company to turn to. Therefore promoting your construction business should start with a professional website.

Having a business website is such an important feature to have, with all the relevant information needed (in a clear to see fashion) in order for clients to be able to contact you.

Your business website will also be crucial in terms of SEO. You want to be using search engines to your advantage, which means doing everything you can with your online content marketing to get your construction business found within search engine results.

Improving your search engine optimization using your online content will be key for promoting your construction business in a better way. If you're new to online marketing and using SEO, then you can use a marketing service to help. From looking into your business, they might even recommend that you reach out to a branding agency first to help you establish who you are.

2. Use Social Media

Another thing which potential (and existing) customers will always expect a business to have is social media. You might think as a construction company you don't need to use social media much due to it being a very niche market, but social media marketing can be one of the essential marketing tools.

Understanding how to promote your construction business means understanding how having a social media profile and presence can help you to connect with clients and more easily be found online.

Social media is also the prime opportunity to show off video content, which is going to be a boon within the construction industry. That's because there is so much potential for video marketing based on the fact that construction is a very physical and demonstrative industry. Video content could, therefore, include information on construction processes, your products, a peek into current construction projects, or a tour of facilities; anything clients would be interested in seeing will work.

So thinking about video and social media marketing when debating how to promote your construction business will always be a plus.

3. Invest in Branded Goods

Branded items can be a great way to promote your business name and brand because they provide the opportunity for more people to see and become familiar with your brand.

A construction setting is also the key opportunity for wearable branded goods that everyone can see, especially if you are wearing branded items like custom hoodies or custom hats when working on a construction site and getting involved with the general public.

While naturally safe and legal protective equipment while working on a construction site is key, you can still wear branded clothing where possible, such as an initial meeting with clients.

Seeking branded goods can be a key part of marketing services which you should always pursue when finding how to promote your construction business.

4. Show Examples of Your Work

Because construction is a physical product and service, you will have an end result to show off in order to promote what you do. Often, in this sort of industry, potential clients will want to see which jobs you have completed before in order to judge the standard of your work. It's, therefore, important to provide as many examples as possible of previous work to build a portfolio you can show off.

If your construction business specializes in being home builders, then it's a great idea to have end-project photos and complete galleries to showcase what you have accomplished for happy clients.

5. Incorporate Exceptional Customer Service

The construction industry is a very hands-on job, and your sole focus will be on the construction site, building what you need to build, and working within a dedicated construction team. This can take you away from customers during the working day, and you may feel as though customer interaction is usually at a low.

What's important to remember when looking at promoting your construction business is that it's still a business, which means the customer comes first, and customer service should never be neglected. Customer service should try to strive beyond simply the initial client meeting and updates you may need to make along the way. There are many simple ways to work to improve customer service.

These can include:

  • A professional, polite, and friendly demeanor of everyone involved, including construction workers and not just the construction managers or business owners
  • Providing updates to clients without them having to ask first
  • Engaging in thorough discussions with clients to ensure nothing is misunderstood
  • Being flexible with working and payment options
  • Dealing with any issues in a timely and professional way

Working to improve your customer service makes it more likely that clients will use word of mouth to tell others about your positive business, which is a great marketing tool when seeking how to promote my construction business.

6. Tell Your Business Story

All businesses will have a story regarding why they began in construction and why you work hard at what you do. Within construction, because it's such a big and timely investment, customers may want to hear what makes your business so personable and different. This can especially be important for small businesses. If you don't have the manpower to perhaps provide as quick a service as bigger construction teams can, you might be able to sway the client in your favor by providing a more personalized customer service and explaining your personal business story.

7. Follow Up with Existing Customers

Even after the job is complete, it's still possible to promote your construction business by following up with existing customers. You could contact them to gain customer testimonials which can help to promote your business to other potential clients. You can also use effective email marketing to stay in touch with happy customers who may want further construction projects down the line.

These seven tips are key ways you can find how to promote your construction business.