How to Make Custom Hats that Work for Your Business

Promotional, custom hats are a great way to elevate your brand and create wearable merchandise that consumers and business contacts can wear repeatedly. However, not all custom hats are created equal; it’s important to choose custom hats that best work for your brand, style, and consumer market, as well as for the right occasion or season.

Making custom hats that best work for your brand is about considering the overall design element and appeal of your product to your audience. Our guide will take you through how you can achieve that.

Make Custom Hats with Help from a Branding Agency

If you want your custom made hats to create maximum impact, you may consider using a branding agency to help with your design. A branding agency will be able to best identify how to make custom hats that can work for your company’s merchandise and assist with the design based on who you are and who your audience is. They will be able to understand your brand and what is the best approach. There is usually a minimum order quantity with a branding agency, meaning you can receive a large batch of custom-made hats all at once, which is perfect for large-scale events.

What are Your Hat Options?

When it comes to choosing your custom hats, there are many great options for you. You can either opt for one style that best reflects your brand or create various styles to appeal to different tastes and seasons. Some of the most popular choices include trucker hats and baseball caps, as these can be worn by any gender and for any season as peak style options. They’re also the perfect shape to place your brand logo on the front in the most eye-catching spot.

Using a brand agency to design your custom hats is a fantastic way to make sure every single design element is made with your brand in mind. This can be a strong choice for ensuring your brand message is displayed every time. Not only that but in terms of ongoing investment, using a brand agency means unique design projects every single time which stand out from your competitors.

You might choose embroidered hats for a specific event or season, or perhaps you just want to create general wearable merchandise. The choice is yours, but doing lots of research into it and knowing your audience can make the decision-making process easier. Brand agencies can take care of the hard work for you and make sure your brand is incorporated into your custom hats in the best possible way. This means you won’t be going for the same design or style as your competitors. It will be unique to you when you work with experts.

Choosing Logo Placement

One of the most important elements of creating your custom hats includes choosing where to put your company logo. You want your logo to be in a prime position to elevate your brand and to have it noticed, but you also don’t want it to be too big or, in other words, too overwhelming. Choosing the best logo placement can depend on the style and shape of the custom hat you choose. However, a central front position can be the best one to ensure your brand is best seen.

Using screen printing is a great way to transfer your company logo or any other design you want onto your chosen hat fabric. This can make sure that your logo is as clear and bold as can be.

Nevertheless, while screen printing your own logo onto fabric yourself is an easy and simple option, an expert design team at a branding agency may be a better choice if you’re looking for truly tailored merchandise. Design experts will know exactly the right design for your specific industry, product, or service. Experts will be able to focus on the audience in mind and get to know your brand to find the perfect custom hat fit.

Other Design Features to Consider

Displaying your brand logo is one great way to make your design come to life, but if you want custom designs that make an impact, you need to consider the other important details. For example, if you have a specific brand color scheme, then incorporating this into your hat design can be a great way to solidify your brand’s personality. You may want to choose thread colors and fabric colors using your brand’s color scheme, which can work great for bold colors like red.

It’s still always a dependable choice to work with plain fabrics like black and white to appeal to a general audience, as this allows you to still add your branding through your logo.

Create Your Perfect Custom Hats with Anthem Branding

Choosing a branding agency for your custom hat design is a great choice if you want an order quickly, if you want professional design assistance or if you want high-quality products. At Anthem Branding, our customer service team can help you to create your perfect custom headgear, as well as other great custom promotional products. We know how to make custom hats work for you.