How to customize Converse shoes

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Justine Rohde
01 Nov 2022

Are you looking for a simple guide on how to customize your Converse shoes? If yes, you have come to the right place.

Whether you want to add color, experiment with print designs, or unleash your creativity in full force, we can help you show off your artistic skills to the max!

Key Takeaways

Gemstone Embellishment: Add sparkle by attaching gemstones or jewels with strong fabric glue to the toe area or entire shoe. Permanent Marker Art: Use permanent markers to doodle and create unique designs, from cartoon characters to abstract patterns. Bleach Distressing: Achieve a distressed look on colored Converse by applying bleach spray for a custom, edgy style. Tie-Dye Effect: Add vibrant colors to white Converse with a tie-dye technique, soaking the shoes in dye and water for a stunning transformation. Personalized Converse: Whether for personal use or team branding, there are endless ways to customize Converse shoes to reflect your style or brand identity.

Add Gemstones

If you want to wear Converse shoes that sparkle in the sun, why not add a few gemstones or jewels to the toe area or even the entire shoe?

Super-easy to do, all you need is a selection of gems or jewels and some strong and durable fabric glue.

Choose to add as many gems as you like, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and sizes for maximum impact.

Apply Permanent Markers

Do you love to doodle? If yes, why not get creative with some pens and permanent markers and customize your Converse shoes in any way you want?

Whether they’re your athletic shoes, work shoes, or school sneakers, you can use your artistic flair and create a unique Converse unlike anyone else’s.

You could choose to add your favorite cartoon character or animé protagonist or simply start drawing and see where your creativity takes you – the opportunities only end with your mind!

Don’t forget; you need to use permanent markers or pens unless you want all your creations to smudge off in the rain or when you next wash your shoes!

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Use Bleach

Although this may seem bizarre, if you have colored Converse shoes that you want to customize and like the distressed look, a bleach spray is all you need.

To use bleach to customize your Converse, first, you need to remove the laces and then use a bleach cleaning spray to drip and mist each shoe.

You can apply as liberally as you want but make sure that you wait at least half an hour after application before placing the shoelaces back in and wearing your creation.

Create a Tie-Dye Effect

If you’re bored with your white cotton Converse and love a splash of color, tie dye offers the perfect solution.

Again, you need to remove the laces first and then soak your shoes in a prewash solution. Once dry, you can apply the dye to whatever areas of the shoes you want to add color to.

Let the dye soak into the fabric of the shoes for at least 72 hours, and then soak them in a tub of room temperature water until the dye stops seeping out.

Customize Your Converse

Whether you want custom business Converse shoes for your entire team or to customize your own Chuck Taylor Converse, there are many ways to put your personal stamp on your favorite shoes.

If you need help with this or creating any other unique goodies personalized to you or your brand, we at Anthem Branding offer an extensive selection of custom products that promise to help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!

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