Helping Your Product to Stand Out: What Makes a Good Package Design

Good packaging design takes planning and high-quality branding efforts so that your product can always stand out in a crowd.

There’s no denying that most people make a first impression based on appearances alone, and when it comes to brand packaging, it’s no different. When a consumer is faced with hundreds of products on a shelf, or even when browsing through product photos online, it can often be the visual appeal that is going to make a significant difference.

Therefore, if you haven’t yet considered what makes a good package design for your product, now’s the time to consider eye-catching product packaging which is going to get your brand noticed.

Using a Branding Agency

A branding agency should certainly be considered within your marketing strategy. There are many features and benefits of using a branding agency, which includes the expertise of branding experts, graphic designers, support with the design process, and professional understanding of product label design and custom packaging. These are experts who will know what makes a good package design.

Design Elements to Explore When Deciding What Makes a Good Package Design

  • The Chosen Color Scheme

You’ll want your packaging color design to match with your brand, which means your chosen brand colors, or anything which works cohesively. Choosing bright colors can help your product to really stand out on a shelf and against other planer packaging, as long as bright colors fit with your brand aesthetic. Color is key in what makes a good package design, as it can decide whether your packaging is eye-catching enough.

  • Logo Placement

Your logo is a vital part of brand design and should always be included on packaging to be visible in a clear way. Therefore when thinking about what makes a good package design, your brand logo should always be a top priority in terms of attractive and noticeable placement.

  • Typography and Font

These are important design aspects for two reasons. One is that the right typography and font can make your packaging layout and design more visually appealing and attractive to a target audience, therefore making it more likely they will buy a product. Another reason is that consumers need to be able to read and see clearly all information on your packaging, which means business name, logo, product name, and information such as product ingredients if a food or drink item. So when planning to design your packaging, clarity with typography and font is crucial.

  • Inclusion of Key Information

As mentioned above, if you have a drink or food product, your packaging needs to include relevant information regarding ingredients, allergy advice, warnings, or recommendations. Great packaging will include this in a cohesive and easy way, as no one particularly enjoys sifting through a large paragraph of text on packaging to find key information, so think about how to present this in a simple way.

  • Packaging Shape

You want good packaging for your brand that is a functional shape. Any shape that is unsymmetrical, bulky or unappealing will have a profound effect on the overall design, even if your colors and typography are otherwise perfect. The packaging shape should suit the product perfectly and be easy to hold.

  • Material

What makes a good package design in terms of material used? This is important, as the type of packaging could alter a consumer’s opinion of you. Excess waste material or material difficult to get into can all have a negative effect, so successful packaging needs to be compact, eco-friendly material (if possible) that best suits the product in terms of storage and protection.

Anthem Can Assist with What Makes a Good Package Design

As one of the expert packaging design companies, the team at Anthem Branding can help you to create effective packaging design based on your business goals, branding, timeframe and budget.