Examples of High-Quality Custom Merch for Your Clients

If you work at an advertising or experiential marketing agency, you’re always on the hunt for high-quality custom promotional products and apparel that fits into your clients' company's brand, represents your own brand well because it's truly unique, and that’s perfect for clients to give out at important events.

Impress your clients with a few of these custom items in order to make their event a hit with their target audience and help them achieve their business objectives. In turn, making you the hero!

Wireless earbuds

Brand the front of the charging case with a logo or tagline.

Sunshields with branded retail packaging

Use the retail packaging, which you can get in a card style with the product wrapped around or packaged into a branded paper pouch, as extra real estate to market the brand and share its message.

Torch lantern

A super cool and very useable premium item, torch lanterns are easy to carry, a great way to showcase a brand in a unique way, and not something every other brand hands out.

Bamboo glass water bottle

Show off a company’s commitment to sustainability and style in an elevated and sophisticated way with a branded bamboo glass water bottle.

Phone fans

May sound trite, but when the heat gets up there, having one of these phone fans stashed in a handbag or glove box is clutch. In those times when someone is looking to cool off, be the brand that offers that relief. Great for a travel-savvy audience, event-goers, and more.

Insulated coolers

For craft beer, wine, and spirit brands an insulated cooler should be a part of their core line of custom merchandise. Highly portable, very useable, and premium brand exposure — insulated coolers are a great way to not only offer an audience a stylish way to stow, transport, and cool the product, but another way to show brand pride.

Custom bags and backpacks

The perfect item for events, custom bags, and custom backpacks can be a highly creative way to showcase a brand using the subtle nuances that make all the difference. From custom zipper pulls, body materials, and styles, they are a great premium item that can show off a brand long after they are given out.

Branded powerbanks

No matter the event, we all need some extra juice for our devices. Plus, you can never have enough charged up powerbanks that can easily be stored in a bag or back pocket so we stay connected 24/7.

Custom apparel

Tried and true, custom apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops are core pieces of any brand’s custom merch collection. For specific events, create a limited collection. Use the private label real estate as another way to spread the brand’s message and surprise and delight those that wear it.

Nothing says authentic branding better than private label apparel.

Branded hammocks

An outdoor event must-have, branded hammocks are another unique way that is often underutilized to get a brand name out there that also offers something more.

Limited edition belt buckles

Enamel pin sets

These items are simply suggestions to get you thinking about the realm of possibilities. To make the most out of your promotional product budget and to latch onto the emotional brand connection, the items you select should truly reflect the unique nuances of your brand in order to achieve its objectives.

We will work with you to pinpoint these items to curate a collection with a level of creativity you don’t just find anywhere.

Our branding experts can tailor suggestions down to the fine details knowing your goals, budget, and objectives. Reach out to learn how the team can help you out.