Environmentally Conscious Brand Initiatives

Whether you've been through the drive-thru, studied in the lounge chairs, or walked by a couple only a block apart, Starbucks is everywhere. They have become the global household name of caffeine chains. Starbucks has 28,218 locations worldwide and is still looking to expand.

On average they serve around 500 customers per day per store, and it seems that will exponentially increase to serve 700 customers per day. Therefore, Starbucks' current contribution to our global carbon footprint will correspondingly increase.

In honor of "Plastic Free July" Starbucks announced that they will globally eliminate all plastic straws usage by 2020. Many different alternatives are appearing within the industry, too -- glass, metal, bamboo, and paper straws.

Whether or not we realize it, the use of a straw is an unnecessary luxury and not an essential part of enjoying a lemonade or an iced coffee. Plastic straws take up to 100 years to decompose, and around 500 million straws are used annually.

Starbucks has announced the redesign of their iconic straw cup used for iced drinks. The prototype looks similar to an "Adult Sippy Cup," and is modeled after the design of their warm drink lid.

Here are a few simple ways you can choose to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce waste!

1. When eating out or buying beverages, ask your server for no straw!

2. Always bring reusable tote bags when grocery shopping or making purchases that would normally require the use of a plastic bag.

3. Have your favorite reusable coffee tumbler with you when you head to the coffee shop. Sometimes they will give you a discount when you bring your own cup.

What can you do to decrease your carbon foot within the branding industry? Speak to our team to look at sustainable, environmentally friendly options for your business.