Employee COVID Sanitation Kits for Returning to Work

8 items to consider

KN95 masks

3-ply masks

Cotton masks

Hand sanitizer

Hand-held digital thermometers

Disposable nitrile examination gloves

Hands-free tool key tags

Hand-washing timers

Zipper pouch

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While the new normal (post-pandemic) is still very much unknown, we do know that at some point, employees will be able to return to the office.

And probably now more than ever it is critical to keep the hyper-vigilance toward sanitation strong. Providing employees with a welcome back kit full of items to help make doing so easier will send a message that the company cares about their well-being and serve as a reminder to remain as germ-free as possible while in the workplace.

Here are some basic thought starters to see what a kit like this can look like, but as with everything we produce, these kits can be customized to fit your needs, your brand, and the kind of work your employees do.

Do not mistake these KN95 masks for N95 masks! These four layer masks are boxed in batches of 50.

These disposable masks come individually wrapped in a polybag with 50 per box.

These custom masks are made from 100 percent cotton and can be washed and reused.

Note: these are only three examples of masks we can brand for you. Ask a branding expert for more details!

Fragrance-free, 75 percent ethyl alcohol advanced hand sanitizer — always a good idea to have individual sizes available for each employee as well as bigger pump-style bottles around the office in common areas like the kitchen, meeting rooms, and bathrooms.

There are four different sizes available: 50 ml, 100 ml, 300 ml, and 500 ml

Having personal thermometers on hand for whenever an employee may start to feel something coming on is not only handy, but can be a critical signal to know when to see a doctor and head home.

Also, if you’re a business of more than 50 people that operates in Colorado, these are required to be available.

From handling mail and deliveries, to opening doors, these powder-free hypoallergenic gloves are disposable and come 50 pairs per counter top box.

Promote touching a screen with one of these key tags instead of using a finger — whether it’s a phone screen, tablet, ATM, etc. The hook design allows for an aide when opening a door as well, avoiding having to touch the handle with a clean hand.

Set to two minutes and keep in the company’s bathrooms for all to use while they wash their hands!

Stow all of these personal sanitation products in a branded pouch so it’s all together. Place one at the desk of each employee for when they return!

Depending on how many items you choose, we can create a custom sized pouch to fit it all perfectly. Here are some pouches we’ve created in the past to give you a sense of what’s possible.

As mentioned, we can curate a custom kit based on your needs. The team can coordinate to assemble and drop ship your custom kits directly to your workplace, especially useful for businesses with more than one location.

Reach out to one of our branding experts to see what we can collaborate on.