Domestic Vs. Offshore Custom Headwear: Know What to Expect

When ordering custom headwear, there are a few things to keep in mind so you know exactly what to expect, the differences between ordering offshore versus ordering domestic, and how to plan.

Domestic production

The first bits of information our account managers will need when ordering headwear is your desired timeline, budget, and order quantity. Those three simple questions can dictate which route you may wish to take with your order.

Headwear produced domestically — here in the U.S. — can take as little as two weeks to create, as both the shipping and communication move at a faster rate. Domestic production is perfect if you want a classic structure and simple style of headwear to represent your brand.

Customizable components of hats produced domestically

  • Stock Color
  • Stock Fabric
  • Stock Style and construction
  • Basic logo placement options

Pros of hats produced domestically

  • Shorter timelines, as short as 2-3 weeks
  • Straightforward designs
  • Less choices to narrow focus quickly
  • Option to order lower quantities

Domestically produced headwear is great if you are looking for a certain style of hat with embroidery or screen-printed logo, quickly, and at a low quantity. Best of all, we can produce domestic items quickly so you can rep your company swag as soon as possible.

Offshore production

Custom headwear produced offshore, on the other hand, can be customized right down to the stitching. Although the process takes more time — around 2-3 months — there is a lot more flexibility in what you can create.

Customizable components of hats produced offshore

Specifically with hats produced offshore, here are just a few of the many components of the hat that are customizable.

Pros of hats produced offshore

  • Highest levels of customization
  • The sampling process lets you perfect every detail before production
  • Allows hats to be highly customized at quantities as low as 144 pieces
  • Clearly represents your brand identity and messaging in unique ways
  • Longer timelines and higher quantities allow us to hit competitive budgets

Now you know the ins and outs of custom headwear, you can see that both production methods are great for different goals, budgets, and timelines.

Contact us to get started or revamp your custom headwear program so we can work together to find the perfect fit for your company and brand.