Custom Apparel: Menswear Trends to Add in 2020

Fashion trends tend to be associated with women’s styles, but when you're investing in a custom apparel line with the goal to attract and connect with a diverse audience, incorporating in vogue menswear pieces is a must.

We’ve seen a lot in the last decade in menswear such as neon colors and skinny jeans to the resurgence of 1990s grunge with an intense love affair for stone washes and denim.

Whether you’re a team of one or a team of twenty, staying on-trend is no easy feat. And by the time you feel like you’ve got a good grasp on it all, and have added trendy men’s styles to your custom line, something new seems to take shape.

Here are some of the latest trends shaping menswear this year to consider adding to your apparel line.

Vintage hats

Hats with a vintage flare — whether that be the fit, brim shape, decoration technique, or faded/distressed color — are all the rage.

Add a vintage aesthetic to your headwear lineup with fabrics like corduroy or wool in darker colors like black, navy or hunter green. Decorate with a high contrast embroidered patch and matching high contrast stitching.


Sweatpants and comfort are, what we hope to be, constantly in style thanks to the rise of athleisure.

Customize joggers by adding taped or designed sides or zipper pockets.

Graphic tees

If budget is tight, or maybe dipping into custom apparel is new to your client or brand, start with home run pieces such as screen printed graphic tees; a timeless addition to any outfit.

Messenger bags

Ditch the briefcase — messenger bags are in!

Quick to swing over the shoulder, messenger style bags and totes leave hands free and are a favorite for those who commute by bike or public transportation. They are versatile accessories for both work and a weekend trip.

Tropical prints

From Hawaii to the Bahamas, incorporate bright green leafy patterns, flashy florals and seaside vibes into your custom apparel line.

Sustainable fashion

We’d be remiss not to reiterate the fashion industry’s ongoing conversation and focus on sustainability.

From repurposing and recycled materials to leveraging water-saving decor techniques, contributing to the cause has never been more trendy, and we’re here for it!

Responsibly sourced recycled polyester and organic cotton blends create for an incredibly soft fit; a perfect set up for decorating and customizing with sustainable screen printing graphics.

Here are some examples of sustainable apparel we can add to your apparel line:

Crewneck tee

Each of these USA-made shirts uses six recycled poly water bottles.

Long sleeve crewneck tee

Eight recycled poly water bottles are used to produce each of these tees!

Let’s build something together

Whatever your goals may be, let our trend experts help you in designing a custom apparel menswear line that’s on-trend and within budget.