Creative Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

The relationships you hold with clients are an intrinsic part of how successful your company can be. This is built upon respect and factors that benefit each party. Still, it also goes further with small gestures of appreciation to retain those loyal partnerships. It's not just clients that are an important part of businesses either; employees are the backbone of your organization, and showing gratitude will foster improved productivity and reliability in your teams.

So, what's the best way to show clients and employees how much you care – a gift! Not sure where to start looking? Check out these creative corporate gift ideas for both corporate clients and employees:

Top creative corporate gift ideas for clients

Before you select gifts for clients, it's ideal to know some of the best practices before jumping into buying items. Consider the below to help make choosing unique corporate gifts easier:

  • Make it personal – it's typically easier to buy in bulk for clients, but personalization is key, making it unique for each client.
  • Think about budget – consider how much a client spends with you before going all out on gifts. Gift value should be proportionate to client spend.
  • Don't wait until the holiday season – it's fine to give for upcoming holidays but think outside the box. Gift-giving outside peak times sparks conversation, is unexpected, and brings your company to the forefront.

Now you have some basics when thinking about creative corporate gift ideas; what do you choose that is slightly different from the norm while best representing your brand?

Take a look at some top creative corporate gift ideas for your clients:

Gourmet food and fruit baskets

If you know your clients love to cook, why not opt for a gourmet food basket. Select a cookbook and match the ingredients and non-perishable items to create a unique and personalized gift. There are many food baskets available, plus you could opt to hand-deliver the gift for an extra touch.

A charitable donation

Creative corporate gift ideas don't have to come in the form of a material item; you could also make a charity donation. This is ideal for clients that support specific charities or for clients that run charitable organizations. A donation provides a unique and meaningful gesture and showcases your company values.

Office gadgets

If you're looking for high-quality creative corporate gift ideas for tech lovers, take a look at the selection of smart technology that could be used in the office environment. There's everything from Bluetooth speakers to power banks and portable phone chargers. These creative corporate gift ideas are practical, and incorporating your corporate logo in the fine print will give your business a little promotion.

Promotional products

Promotional products are often used for business gifting, but that doesn't mean they have to stick to the boring products of a decade ago. Custom promotional products are the way to go to impress your clients, and for some creative corporate gift ideas in this area, check out functional items such as face masks, coffee mugs, and custom water bottles.

Personalized stationery

There are tons of stationery options on the market, but personalized gifts always hit the mark in the corporate space. Every client uses notebooks, pens, and calendars, which is an excellent choice for business gifting. A particular favorite is a leather-bound notebook as it creates a professional and high-end look. Leather-bound journals that have the option of replacing the year inserts provide a long-lasting creative corporate gift idea and jogs the memory of your client every time they use it.

Gift ideas for office pets

If your client has an office dog, another perfect creative corporate gift idea is to incorporate their furry friend into the gifting. Select products such as little toys or treats that four-legged pals will enjoy. Plus, why not get into your client's good graces by setting up a subscription box that can be sent directly to their door each month along with a branded fleece blanket.

Creative corporate gift ideas for employees

Employees that receive recognition and feedback on their work are likely to remain loyal members of the team for years to come. However, you don't have to showcase grand gestures to make staff feel appreciated at work. Take a look at some top creative corporate gift ideas that are perfect for your workforce.

Gift cards

Gift cards make the perfect gift idea for employees. Most people have their favorite stores, so this means you can tailor gifting to personal preferences. It's easy to set a value, and if you're giving gift cards for things such as coffee shops or café, the spending for your business doesn't have to be excessive to make employees feel appreciated.

Custom clothing

While your employees may not wear a uniform, custom clothing is still a great creative corporate gift idea that promotes a community vibe in the work environment. Exploring options such as customized hoodies or custom-made hats gives employees the opportunity to wear clothing outside of work without it looking overly promotional. This type of gift is also size-inclusive and can cater to both men and women.

Face masks

It doesn't look like face masks will be going anywhere soon, so to protect your employees, gifting face masks for the work environment is a great idea. Disposable masks are more expensive in the long term for employees and lead to more waste in the workplace. Gifting reusable options with personalized designs helps create a safer environment and show workers you care.

Succulents and plants

While this type of gift may not be everyone's cup of tea, it's a perfect creative corporate gift idea with a couple of functions. First, plants and succulents brighten up desk spaces and bring nature into the environment. Secondly, indoor plants promote clean and fresh air by removing pollutants in the area around them.

Smartphone gadgets

Most employees have a phone, and some may even use them for work, which makes gift-giving a little easier when you're buying for several people. Handy gadgets make creative corporate gift ideas, and there is a selection of useful and stylish options to choose from. Things such as phone grips and cases with straps are ideal for those who frequently carry them in their hand. Personalized cases are a perfect idea, as you can incorporate a small corporate logo within the design. Portable phone chargers and speakers also make fantastic gift options.

Activity days and events tickets

While team bonding and activity events for the whole company are a great way to bring everyone together, your workers also love their hobbies outside of work. To promote wellbeing and family time outside of working hours, give an activity day or event tickets so they can enjoy a day out without footing the bill.

There are tons of creative corporate gift ideas for both clients and employees, and personalizing them is the icing on the cake. Business gifting doesn't have to be expensive to be well received, and the saying 'it's the thought that counts' rings true in many cases.

With considerate and kind gestures, you can build meaningful and influential relationships with the people most important to your business success.