Corporate Gift Bag Ideas: 9 Awesome Items to Include

A corporate gift bag is a fantastic opportunity to not only give employees, clients, or potential customers something worthwhile to take home with them but also to demonstrate your company’s values. Gifts may seem obligatory at corporate events like a trade show and product launch, but it doesn’t mean they have to be unremarkable and end up destined for life in a drawer.

When you go that extra mile with your corporate gifts, where you avoid generic gift cards and dull goodie bags, you can build strong relationships that last. A gifting experience that goes beyond the norm is an effective and innovative way for your business to stand out in an ever-competitive world. However, there’s just one problem: what if you’re struggling to think of corporate gift bag ideas?

That’s where this guide is here to offer a helping hand. To take your corporate gifting strategy to the next level, it’s all about selecting the right products that shine a positive light on your brand. To ensure you pick the correct items, below are nine awesome corporate gift bag ideas to consider.

1. An unconventional bag

There’s no better place to start than the bag itself. Now when you initially think of corporate swag bags, your mind will likely transport them to being housed within a tote bag. While customized tote bags are a fine option if they feature a high-quality printed design, you can spend a little more money to get a backpack.

A backpack might be an unconventional option when it comes to a corporate gift bag, but it can be a wise investment. Whether it is screen-printed or embroidered with your logo, a branded backpack is likely to be reused more than a tote bag. This means your logo is going to be seen time and time again, providing a larger return on your investment.

It’s not just about the advertising benefits, either. Due to their usefulness, backpacks are among the most appreciated corporate gift bag ideas, whether given to clients or employees.

2. Water bottles and tumblers

Okay, this is two corporate gift bag ideas in one. Yet both have the same main function – to quench the user’s thirst. If the event you’re handing out gift bags at is a lengthy, multi-day affair, people are going to get thirsty. As a result, if you pack in a reusable water bottle or tumbler, it is going to receive instant usage.

With that said, it’s not just a one-and-done item. Custom tumblers and water bottles are the type of gifts that are used for months to come. People will take them when they go for a hike, to a local coffee shop, or just during their normal commute to work. This makes them a long-lasting marketing tool, an effective practical item, and an eco-friendly solution that reduces waste. Few promotional product options can boast those types of advantages.

3. Bluetooth speakers

Corporate gift bag ideas can also extend to modern technology like Bluetooth speakers. For a start, if a recipient sees one of their swag bag items being a portable speaker, they’re instantly going to feel like they’re receiving a luxury present – one which goes beyond the norm.

In addition, Bluetooth speakers are a practical gift that are used on a regular basis due to the ease in which they connect to a smartphone. You can take them to the beach or park. You can use them while traveling in a car. You may even decide to place it in your bathroom and listen to music while soaking in the tub. There are many different situations where a wireless speaker can be used, boosting their practicality – and brand visibility – in the process.

4. Power banks

Sticking on the theme of technology for corporate gift bag ideas, power banks are another option worth considering. Whether people are working on the go or using their smartphones every couple of minutes, there’s a need to keep devices powered up and ready to go. When plug sockets are not available, power banks provide the juice needed for all-day portability.

As they are both effective and used on the regular, this means those with your power bank will remember your brand each time they need to charge their phone or other device.

5. Custom hats

There are various clothing items that make for great gifts in your bag. You could go with a screen-printed t-shirt for example, or maybe a custom jacket. One of the most effective pieces of clothing, however, is a custom hat.

Hats are used by everyone and in different situations. They could be worn due to the cold weather or if someone is having a bad hair day. Plus, a person is likely to be more willing to wear a hat with an understated logo on it than another form of clothing. Oh, and they’re also small enough to fit in modestly sized gift bags and gift boxes.

6. Custom mugs

There’s a reason why, in the world of corporate gift bag ideas, custom mugs have had an everlasting presence. In fact, there are multiple reasons why this is the case. Along with being an affordable option for those that want to get their companies’ logos plastered onto merchandise, mugs are frequently used by those that want to enjoy a hot or cold beverage. This means they will stick around for months or even years, giving them greater longevity than other ideas.

7. Branded notebook

Branded notebooks are another regular fixture with regards to corporate gift bag ideas. They have similar benefits to the aforementioned mugs. They’re an inexpensive option for those wanting to put together a comprehensive company swag bag. Furthermore, they are valuable and appreciated by users.

Notebooks might not leap off the page – no pun intended – when thinking of corporate gift bag ideas, but they’re an item you shouldn’t skip on purchasing.

8. Custom socks

We’ve already highlighted a number of clothing items when discussing custom hats. Yet if you want to go with ideas that are unique, one option is to select custom socks.

That’s right: socks are no longer just used as Christmas gifts. They are now regarded as a must-have fashion accessory, and so these make for the perfect gift to pop into the bag. With a creative design and high-quality materials, custom socks can be one of the most effective corporate gift bag ideas to go with for your business.

9. Personalized sunglasses

If you’re handing out gifts during the summer, it is easy for us to recommend custom sunglasses as one of the best corporate gift bag ideas. Aside from being iconic fashion accessories, sunglasses help people with achieving a specific style while also benefiting from UV protection.

Functional with flair, sunglasses also feature novel options when it comes to customization. As with many of the other top gifts that we have gone through in this guide, they also won’t take up too much space in the actual bag – meaning you can cram in even more goodies for employees or customers.

Hopefully, you have been inspired by our list of corporate gift bag ideas. If you want even more inspiration, make sure to browse the Anthem Branding website for other gift bag ideas and promotional items.