Cool Swag Ideas to Make Your Company Stand Out

When it comes to encouraging more connection with your brand, cool swag ideas are a great way to make an impression on customers, employees, and any business associate in a fun and creative way. Swag is the ideal way to market your brand while also providing a relevant and usable high-quality product.

No business event, like trade shows, would be complete without swag, but there are many ways you can take cool swag ideas even further. You can use swag to motivate employees, better care for your team, make better connections with customers, and more.

Swag is so successful because it provides a physical product. Marketing and brand engagement can be done in many ways, but in a world that has fast become remote, or if your business is done primarily over the internet, you can never underestimate the power of something tangible. Therefore, cool swag ideas are ideal for making a physical connection, even if you can’t reach out physically yourself.

While swag has its many benefits, it’s also important to get it right. Swag for the sake of swag might not hit the mark, which is why it’s crucial to think of cool swag ideas which are applicable to all people and all situations so that you can tailor your branded swag for the purpose and person and form a deeper connection.

Cool Swag Ideas for You

Below are some top company swag ideas that people love.

Eco-Friendly Swag

Being environmentally friendly is a must for any individual, and especially so for businesses looking to market their brand. Even if sustainability isn’t what your business is selling, it should still incorporate eco-friendly methods into its working life.

That’s why eco-friendly items are some of the best cool swag ideas and can also make for great corporate gifting, especially if you’re appealing to the sustainable individual.

Reusable Tote Bag

Tote bags are so handy for any sort of shopping trip. They’re strong, comfortable, and easy to use time and again. They’re also the perfect branded merchandise opportunity for you to show off your logo as much as possible! Reusable totes can help to reduce disposable bag waste.

Reusable Water Bottles

This is possibly one of the most important cool swag ideas for sustainability: a reusable water bottle. Reduce plastic waste considerably by using a reusable water bottle made from stainless steel and have your brand and logo printed on the side for everyone to see when they need to remain hydrated.

Eco Friendly Notebooks

Traditional notebooks may not always be favored over electronic ones, but they’re great desk items and for those who prefer pen and paper. You can therefore get sustainable notebooks made from recycled materials, perfectly printed with your logo!

Remote Working Swag

The majority of workers in this day and age will be remote employees, in some capacity or another, either working from home full time or spending some days working remotely. While remote working flexibility can be a boon for businesses and employees alike, it can also create a sense of isolation and distance for the remote workers. This gap can easily be bridged by choosing helpful and cool swag ideas and ideal for team building and improved internal relationships.

Throw Blanket

This is the ultimate cozy item, and it’s one that’s more easily used in a comfortable home or home office environment for remote workers. A branded throw blanket can not only add extra warmth, but it can also be used as a backdrop or back-of-chair accessory for those all-important video calls!

Desk Accessories

No remote working would be complete without a home office desk, so any cool swag ideas which provide fun and useful desk accessories are going to be a plus. Branded desk swag could be notebooks, pens, mouse mats, desk tidies, calendars, or desk ornaments.

Bluetooth Speaker

Help your remote employees feel more productive with the ideal background work playlist through a new Bluetooth speaker: the perfect accessory for at-home working. Any tech item is one of the best cool swag ideas, but Bluetooth speakers are great because they’re also portable.

Travel Swag

Travel is a key part of many people’s lives, and it’s one area you can always trust to be the perfect opportunity for cool swag ideas. Whether you have employees who are on the road a lot for business, or you’re just looking for swag that will appeal to many and be used regularly, travel swag is a must. Travel items can also make ideal corporate gifts.

Portable Chargers

The ultimate travel accessory, portable chargers are amongst the best cool swag ideas because any traveler will want to make sure they can remain fully charged when it comes to their electronic devices. Portable chargers make this easy and are, therefore, the perfect swag item.

A Power Bank

In the same way, power banks are a must if you’re doing a lot of traveling and worry that you’ll be away from a traditional charging port for a long period. Power banks add that extra security that you can remain fully charged, so it’s going to be one of those swag gifts that’s extra appreciated in emergency travel circumstances with low power.

Health and Self-Care Swag

Self-care has always been an important concept, but no more so than in recent years, and especially during a time when people have had to isolate themselves at home and have their working routine completely changed. Self-care swag not only provides an extremely useful item but shows the recipient that your brand cares, too, meaning a great swag opportunity and the ideal promotional item.

Yoga Accessories

Yoga is often the go-to for self-care exercise and relaxation, so a branded yoga mat, yoga clothing, or other yoga accessories can be just the ticket.

Pamper Kit

Everyone needs a little pampering sometimes, and especially when it comes to self-care. Pamper pieces of swag can include a pamper gift set, scented candles, bath oils, moisturizers, body lotions, or extras like branded slippers and bathrobes.

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