Cool Business Swag that Your Employees Actually Want

Business swag is still free swag, and everyone wants to get their hands on the occasional free gift, especially your employees.

Swag gifts come with some serious marketing proficiency, so they should not be ignored by any means.

What kind of business swag do your employees actually want, though? Whatever it is, it should be useful, high quality, and not just a cheap piece of plastic that gets chucked in the trash the moment it leaves the building.

If you feel like you should be offering more to your employees in terms of free goodies, here are some top company swag ideas you can take to create a buzz.

Tech Gifts

Tech represents high value and sophistication, making it the ideal business swag choice if you want to go all out.

You could think about handing out Bluetooth speakers to your employees, because who doesn’t love listening to music?

You may even want to think about branded wireless phone chargers or watches; as long as it reflects your company and shows off your brand, you can't go too far wrong in regard to promotional products.

Gifts for the Home

Business swag ideas should be functional, as employees deserve gifts they can actually enjoy and get use out of around the home, especially if they’re working from home and they feel a bit isolated right now.

Great business swag should make your employees feel valued, and a thoughtful gift they can use on a regular basis reflects this nicely.

This might consist of a beautiful, branded notepad or some timeless custom mugs. Ultimately, as long as you put some effort into the design, you should be able to drive employee engagement in the right direction.


Everywhere you turn these days, you’ll find people toting custom water bottles. They’re a cool personal accessory, and they spell opportunity for brand building.

Corporate swag doesn’t need to be a stuffy-sounding concept, especially when you can design wonderful corporate gifts that stand out and that people can enjoy.


What would any list of great company swag be without the inclusion of a branded tee? Tees can end up being highly sought-after relics, so you should think about making a few neat designs to drum up exclusivity.

The tee is the perfect canvas to carry your company branding with pride, and they’re easy enough to design and distribute.

Your employees who wear them will turn into brand advocates every time they leave the house in it! Employees’ swag is tough to get right, but it’s definitely worth it once you do.

A Big Bag of Swag

A swag bag could be a good way to show your employees you care, so why not shower them with all the gifts at once?

A big bag of swag could make a remote employee feel like they’re still part of the team even though they’re not physically in the office. Team building is vital in today’s climate, and gifting swag might be able to aid you with this.

For those of you who can’t decide, the bag of swag could be a great idea; you can fill it with all sorts of branded merchandise, from tees and hats to power banks and notebooks!