Classy Corporate Gift Ideas That Make a Difference

Whether you want to reward your customers, clients, partners, or employees, corporate gifts are the ideal way to show your appreciation and to thank those that have helped your business in some form.

Corporate gifts come in many different shapes and sizes. This makes it tricky to settle on the right presents, regardless of the situation. For a slice of inspiration, below are a number of classy corporate gift ideas to consider.

Food and drink

When it comes to classy corporate gift ideas, food and drink as a category is one of the most effective routes you can take. Unlike other gifts, which can be unwanted by recipients and end up in a cupboard for years, food and drink items have that consumable quality. They provide a memorable experience, and a carefully selected treat – such as one which is locally sourced and beautifully packaged – can hit maximum satisfaction levels.

As for gift ideas in the food and drink sector, there’s only one place to start: wine. A bottle of wine was seen as an ideal present thousands of years ago, and it has yet to go out of style in that regard. Plus, the sheer number of wines means there’s an option available for every occasion. Are you searching for a specific holiday gift to send to clients? Perhaps it is intended as a Christmas gift for employees? There’s a wine flavor that is a perfect match. You can also go a step further with your wine gift by having a custom wine label designed.

What about a gourmet gift for foodies? Classy corporate gift ideas could include a sweet treat like a box of luxury chocolates. You might even jump to the next level with gift baskets, which you can pack full of various treats that showcase the best of local produce in your area. This is always a favorite when it comes to corporate gifts for clients.

Classy corporate gifts don’t have to be restricted to physical food and drink items like these, either. You could go with a dining experience at an upmarket Michelin-starred restaurant, for example, or even opt for a tour of a local vineyard.

The employee starter pack

You want to make each new employee feel welcome at your business. To ensure their motivation levels remain high, there are a number of classy corporate gift ideas you can pick from to put together a high-quality welcome gift set.

One universal item to go with is a branded notebook. Yes, an increasing amount of work is done digitally. However, notebooks are always handy for jotting down notes and coming up with ideas. Custom notebooks are not just useful; they are also relatively inexpensive. They are also double up as great promotional items to use at the likes of trade shows.

Gift ideas for new employees also extend beyond traditional stationery. Technology like Bluetooth speakers and USB flash drives make for ideal personalized gifts, especially when you factor in the perceived value of these items.

Clothing can also play a role in your employee gift box. This shouldn’t be confused with a work uniform. You could go with a screen-printed t-shirt, custom hat, or both, and these can feature classy designs which shine a light on your brand while also being perfectly wearable in a normal setting. That’s right – even clothing can be added to your list of classy corporate gift ideas.

Drink receptacle

When searching for ideas that add everyday practicality to the equation, it’s hard to look beyond a drink receptacle. The good news is that, in the world of corporate gift ideas and personalization, there are several picks available so employees and clients can store their beverage of choice in style.

Whether you are looking for a simple branded travel mug, a trendy stainless steel water bottle, or a tumbler, you can find receptacles that can be customized with the exact branding and design you desire. As everyone uses these types of items, they are a great gift choice.

Keeping warm

We’ve already touched upon the use of hats and t-shirts as classy corporate gift ideas, but these clothing options are only scratching the surface.

For instance, you can decide to go with a branded shirt, custom-made sweatshirt, or custom jacket. These popular choices make for a thoughtful gift, the type that is appreciated due to the comfort and practicality they provide. This is particularly the case with sweatshirts and jackets, as they are great to wear during colder climates.

Staying warm can also be extended to custom blankets. A high-quality, cozy blanket is among the perfect corporate gifts. After all, who doesn’t love snuggling under a blanket during those cold winter nights?


Classy corporate gift ideas can also be found with tasteful and useful bags. In the corporate branding world, custom tote bags are one of the most popular forms of merchandise right now. As well as being affordable for even tight marketing budgets, tote bags can feature beautiful designs to achieve top marks in the aesthetics category – an important quality for anyone walking around with a bag.

If you want to boost the practicality of a tote bag, however, you may decide to opt for an embroidered backpack. Classy corporate gift ideas rarely deliver the same combination of organization qualities and that wow factor. Plus, with an embroidered logo, a backpack can supply an understated yet impactful design.

Gift card

If you’re considering various ideas and the many different options available, you might feel a little overwhelmed at the pressure to select what you think they will love. Therefore, one option that might be better suited is gift cards. You can get a gift card for everything ranging from a specific restaurant or shop. Furthermore, if you’re searching for a unique gift, you can purchase a gift card for more adventurous activities like a boat trip or theme park adventure.

As these classy corporate gift ideas show, there are more promotional choices available than just business cards and leaflets. If you browse the products we have at Anthem Branding, you’ll also see a wide selection of corporate gifts that go beyond those listed in this guide!