Choosing Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients: 6 Great Options

Clients can choose to seek out a competitor or cease to do business with you at any moment; it's an unfortunate fact many businesses face, and one which keeps you on your toes in regard to providing exceptional customer service and a memorable experience.

One way to make your brand more memorable and avoid your clients seeking business elsewhere is by showing how much you care through fantastic gifts. This guide explores why corporate gifts for clients are important and offers you some great gift options for you to treat your consumers to in order to make a substantial impression.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients: Why are They Important?

Everything you do in business should be with the client's best experience in mind to improve positive relationships and help your brand to solidify that alliance. Corporate gifts for clients help to accomplish that.

For loyal and long-term clients, regular and personalized gifts can be a strong show of support and gratitude for their continual returning business. These can show your clients that you continue to appreciate their business and helps maintain that all-important relationship.

For new clients, unique corporate gift ideas can help you to remain at the front of their minds and for them to think positively of you, which can be a significant sway in a crowded market or if you're trying to impress against competitors. For new clients, any thoughtful gift received can help them to feel appreciated and want to return to you for repeat business, meaning unique gifts can help to turn new clients into loyal ones.

If you're looking to improve your business relationship with any of your clients, then corporate gifts are certainly a way to accomplish that.

3 Quick Tips for Getting Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients Right

1. Personalize Your Gifts

It can be very tempting to bulk buy when sending gifts to every client. While bulk buying is cost-effective and not discouraged, it's important to think about your clients' personal preferences for maximum effect. There's no point sending out a special bottle of wine if that particular client mentioned they don't like wine.

If you need to send your gifts out in bulk and are sure each gift is suitable, you can still personalize it. How? Simple include a personal message and label.

2. Keep in Mind the Status and Budget of Each Client

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift basket for a new client who has placed one order with you; this may make them feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable regarding the grand gesture. Be sure that your corporate gift fits the budget, purpose, and length of time you've had the client in question.

Gifts Shouldn't Always be Seasonal

The holidays are the opportune time to give out great holiday-themed gifts, and they'll still be well received, but if you're only ever sending out a holiday gift at the end of the year to all your clients, this can make it seem like a generic gesture due to the time of the year. To make a better impression, sending out gifts during other times of the year, and without official occasions simply to show your appreciation, can go a long way.

6 Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

1. Create a Personalized Gift Set

If you want to make your gift as personal as possible, then putting together your own gift sets or gift boxes with individually chosen items to best suit the client can be a win. Think about what your client's preferences are or what might suit them, and tailor all your items in a gift set or gift basket to that. Branded custom promotional products make great items for gift sets.

2. Go Simple with a Gift Card

Gift cards are straight and to the point, but they also provide the opportunity to give a personalized message or business card with them too. Gift cards will always be appreciated and can always be spent, making them a great gesture for any clients you want to treat. They also provide the freedom for your client to spend the gift card on whichever items they choose so you don't have to worry about whether it is the right gift for them.

3. Gift a Business Cardholder

Business is business, after all, which means many clients are going to have many business cards! A business cardholder can be the perfect corporate gift, easily displayed on any client's desk.

Cardholders are customizable, too, meaning you can make them as luxurious as you like depending on the client. Basic cardholders can be great, simple gifts, but you can make them more elegant or high-quality by choosing options like silver-plated or with an engraved message, perhaps to celebrate a client's anniversary.

4. Drinking Essentials

Busy clients and business professionals will always have a need for anything which makes the working day easier in regard to essential drinks. A branded or personalized water bottle is the ultimate gift gesture, along with a coffee mug that can sit on a client's desk, be used in the office, or even be used at home. When it comes to corporate gift ideas for clients, there isn't a client who wouldn't ever use a water bottle!

5. Wearable Goods

Everyone loves a bit of swag, which can be worn and shown off, and wearable client gifts are a great option to make an impression. Wearable client gift ideas can include custom made hats, t-shirts, hoodies, or scarves for the colder weather.

6. Top Tech Items

Basic tech must-haves can include portable chargers, power banks, and USBs for new or existing clients. If you want to upgrade your gifts and provide more expensive tech, you could think of speakers, Kindles, or iPads for those clients that are the most loyal or spend the most money with you.

Choosing a Branding Agency to Help with Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

Stocking up on branded merchandise can make it easier to present high-quality gifts for clients, as well as personalized branded swag items to make more of an impression. Speak to the team at Anthem Branding for your corporate gift requirements.