Bubble, Pop, Frizzante! The Most Instagramable Sparkling Wine Picnic You'll Want to Recreate

We collaborated with Scarpetta Wine to design these adorable mini Frico Frizzante cans for their sparkling Italian white wine.

The custom packaging design we created features the brand's distinguishable pig artwork, illustrated by artist Antar Dayal. The sleek aluminum can makes their sparkling wine the perfect summer refreshment to take the party with you, anywhere you go!

When the cans arrived in-hand, we figured what better way to celebrate than by popping them open at a picnic at the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado! Scroll down to view more photos.

The Frico Frizzante cans are now available in stores, so you can recreate your own bubbly picnic to share on Instagram! Include #anthembranding and #drinkthepig to join the party!

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