Branded Merchandise Ideas For Every Business

Are you looking for branded merchandise ideas? Most business owners are already aware of the many benefits of high-quality promotional gifts that are designed with your company logo and that match your brand. Those eye-catching promotional items are great for building brand awareness and loyalty, and you have a wide range of fun and unique options to choose from.

Make sure that your promotional gifts match your brand identity and you have a ready-made marketing tactic that is proven to help sales. There are more branded merchandise ideas than ever, so all you have to do is match your brand to the promotional gifts that have the most value. Here are some branded merchandise ideas to integrate into your marketing strategy.

Branded Merchandise Ideas For Tech Firms

If you sell a technology-related product or service, then high-quality tech promotion merchandise is the way to go. The right tech will reinforce your branding while also making sure that your target audience uses those promotional products regularly. You have a wide range of options to choose from too. Branded USB flash drives are incredibly popular, and they look great too.

Every time they’re plugged in and used your target audience will see your branding. Power banks are used when your customers are out and about, so they’ll get seen by others, possibly even penetrating new markets. Of course, the most consistent promotional products for tech brands are promotional Bluetooth speakers, which can be high quality and eco-friendly ways to boost brand awareness every time they are pumping out tracks.

Clothing As The Most Popular Branded Merchandise Ideas

There’s a reason why clothing and accessories are one of the most popular options for branded merchandise. When customers wear your branded sunglasses, customized tote bags, or custom-made hats, they become a walking advertisement for your brand. High-quality branded clothing will last and get used over and over again, so it’s easy to see why it's been a consistent favorite among some of the biggest brand names in the world. Those clothes and accessories can be eye-catching, fun and unique, and all while showcasing your company logo, slogan, and contact details.

When people see their friends and family wearing those promotional products, they will develop brand awareness and familiarity and will be more likely to think of you whether they need your product or service. Customized clothing is one of the branded merchandise ideas that businesses of all sizes and sectors can get benefits from.

Popular Branded Drinkware Ideas

There is a wide range of drinkware options that you can choose from for your promotional merchandise. Custom whiskey tumblers, stainless steel water bottles that will get taken to work, the gym, or on hiking parties, or custom promotional mugs that will get used in offices and homes every time that someone needs a caffeine boost, are just a few options. Custom branded mugs are particularly popular simply because almost everyone already has one. If you've got a branded mug in your kitchen cupboard, then you already know how high quality they can be and how often they are used. When it comes to branded merchandise ideas, it’s hard to beat drinkware that will reinforce brand awareness every single time someone takes a sip.

Fun and Unique Branded Merchandise Ideas

Sometimes, the existing promotional products don’t quite match your brand. Don’t let that stop you from getting hold of unique promotional items! You can easily get custom promotional products designed for you, so that you get to choose the high quality products that do match your brand and represent your mission statement. Whatever your branding, whatever your sector, there is no end to the promotional products that you can have branded for giveaways, competitions, or even just as part of your after-sales service.

From plastic bags for your brick and mortar stores to the high tech, high quality promotional products that will act as an extension of your business branding, get your company logo emblazoned where it will provide you with the most value. When you're looking for branded merchandise ideas, the only limit is your imagination.