Best Promo Gifts: Creative Items to Boost Your Brand Exposure

Who doesn’t love free promotional items? The good news is you can find these products everywhere. You have likely grabbed a free poncho from a local trade show, for example, or you may have received a complimentary pen after your last doctor’s visit.

While any free promotional products are great, there are others that are elevated to an entirely different level. With that said, what are the best promo gifts? What makes them a greater option than other available choices?

With the following guide, we will highlight some of the best promo gifts your business can utilize. With the right products at your disposal, you will boost your brand exposure and ensure your marketing efforts are successful.

Tote bag

Tote bags are a tried-and-tested commodity in the corporate gifting world. Yet even though they are one of the top selling products, does this automatically make them one of the best promo gifts? The simple answer is ‘yes.’

There are multiple reasons why this is the case. Firstly, a tote bag with a custom-printed design is going to cost you a minimal amount per unit. Secondly, tote bags are practical and have that reusable factor – whether someone is going for a picnic or grocery shopping. Furthermore, these bags can also be used to store any other promo items you decide to give away.

There are other bags that fall under the best promo gifts category. For example, you could opt for a drawstring bag or go the luxurious route with a backpack that has an embroidered custom logo.


When you’re thinking about the best promo gifts, it’s fair to say that food is the most impermanent item you can opt for. It could be gone within a matter of minutes after the recipient decides to chomp down on the gourmet goodness you provide. With that said, when people need an energy boost after a long day at a conference or trade show, they will remember your business as the savior.

As for what are the best promo gifts in regard to food, there are various routes you can take. Chocolates and hard candies are always a solid choice, particularly when doubled up with beautifully branded packaging. However, a healthier option like nuts or mints may be better depending on your business and the situation.

Power bank

It’s happened to everyone at some point. You have been on your smartphone watching YouTube videos and browsing social media feeds. Then suddenly, that dreaded ‘Low battery’ message pops up. Yet you’re outside with no available plug sockets nearby. What do you do?

That question has been answered by power banks. A power bank is a handy piece of tech that allows you to charge a portable device before their battery dies. Power banks are in-demand, practical, and regularly utilized – making them one of the best products currently on the market. Simply have your company logo emblazoned onto a high-quality power bank, and your brand will be remembered each time a user has to charge their phone.

Water bottle

There’s a large focus on the world becoming more eco-friendly. Show that your business is trying in that regard by providing reusable water bottles as promotional gifts. Along with your company showing its green initiative – something that is appreciated by both customers and employees – you’re providing one of the best promo gifts from a practical point of view.

There are various materials you can go with when selecting a custom water bottle. For that luxurious touch and to make your promotional product seem like more than the standard freebie, a stainless steel finish is a wise choice. Once it is branded with your logo, you have one of the most effective promotional products around right now.

Screen-printed t-shirt

When talking about the best promo gifts, it’s hard to ignore some form of clothing. While hats, jackets, and sweatshirts are all fine options that are always welcomed by recipients, it’s hard to look beyond the humble t-shirt.

Yes, everyone already has multiple t-shirts in their wardrobe. Yet, they are among the most popular promotional items for a reason. They are comfortable, practical, and always ready to replace another t-shirt someone owns that has seen better days. Plus, from your point of view, they become walking advertisements for your business.

Instead of going with a simple logo design, however, try and think of a creative design that both stands out and also refers to your business. Promotional t-shirts like this are more likely to be worn by the recipient, whether they are going shopping or to the gym.

Bluetooth speaker

Now the best promo gifts don’t necessarily have to be tech-based, but this aspect certainly doesn’t hurt. Quality tech products are viewed as luxury items, particularly when used as promotional giveaways. This is why Bluetooth speakers are one of the gifts to choose.

Listening to music, podcasts, lectures, there are many reasons for someone to make use of a Bluetooth speaker. When you factor in the ease of use where they connect via Bluetooth with a smartphone, and there’s a reason why portable speakers are frequently found in swag bags across the country.

Custom blanket

When you’re searching for custom products with unique promotional qualities, a recommended option is a custom blanket. As well as being unique, a custom blanket that is well-made and professionally designed is going to score points for your brand in terms of elegance and luxury.

A blanket is one of the best promo gifts due to the comfort they supply. Whether it’s a fleece, Sherpa, plush, or even a sweatshirt blanket, users will love getting cozy while relaxing under their new free gift.

As this list shows, there are several products that fall under the best promo gifts category. However, we have only just scratched the surface. If you want to see more options when it comes to the best promo gifts, make sure to browse our collection of corporate gifts. If you need any help at all, our team is on hand.