Authentic Ways to Reach Your Millennial Target Audience

1. Create an experience

Host a pop-up event to release new merchandise exclusive to the attendees. Stream a live-voting poll for viewers to chime in on what they want to see next from your brand. Offer a customization feature on your products. Whatever your approach may be, offering a personal experience to younger consumers is proving to be the tipping point to convert them into loyal customers. Having a positive, personal experience will make people feel emotionally invested and connected to your company. Not to mention, it gives them something unique to share with their audience.

2. Partner with an influencer

Finding a leader within your target demographic to vouch for your brand can establish instant credibility amongst their audience. Rather than simply paying them to promote your product on their feed, collaborate with them on a special release of a product they love, one that resonates with their followers. Introducing the relationship between the influencer and your brand as partners rather than an advertising ploy will feel more authentic and organic to their loyal following – making their audience more inclined to build their own connections with your brand.

3. Break the internet

With so much content flooding the media these days, whether its on your go-to social media channels or on your favorite tv-streaming platforms, in order to truly make an impact with your campaigns, you need to make a splash. Find ways to incorporate your unique story and characteristics into a groundbreaking marketing activation that will stop people while scrolling through their feeds, and tell a greater story when they click into your content and dive into the details.

4. Engage with giveaways

No one loves free stuff more than young consumers. Especially when the items up for grabs are inline with the latest styles and trends their peers are gravitating toward. Team up with a relevant blog in your niche market to join forces and gift a few lucky winners with some rad promotional merchandise, using an engaging call-to-action in order to participate. Instructing them to follow your account or submit a form will help make that initial brand introduction by leading them to your page.

What other ways is your brand connecting with young consumers? Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!