Are Rebrands Just A Trend?

It’s been a while since your company has refreshed itself. Or maybe sales aren’t coming in like they use to. Or perhaps, customers aren’t engaging with the company, or you see customer loyalty on the decline. Or you launched a brand new product under a legacy brand name, but aren’t seeing the results you expected.

It may be time to consider rebranding the company.

Rebranding is more than just a trend you see hitting headline after headline as well-known national brands like Time Warner, Aetna, and Citizens Bank complete the process coming out the other side with a new outlook, not to mention, a new vibe.

Companies are changing not because it’s the trendy thing to do, but because their customers are changing, the market is demanding something more, and the competition is only getting fiercer. Without adapting to any or all of these change influencers, brands risk becoming obsolete.

We’re not talking about tweaking your logo, launching a smart phone app, or even updating your website. These things when done on their own, wouldn’t fix any of the problems you may be experiencing.

We’re talking about a complete rebrand in the most holistic sense, that is, a new approach to the company’s:

  • Nomenclature - naming the brand for the first time or renaming it
  • Identity and visual design system
  • Packaging concepts
  • Brand ethos
  • Primary logo
  • Logotype
  • Supporting graphics
  • Color palette (primary and secondary brand colors)
  • Typography and supporting brand fonts

Brands must be relevant in order to sustain themselves and to create a lasting legacy over time.

And sometimes, that means, a company needs to take a step back and ask itself some introspective questions.

  • What inspired you to start the company in the first place? It’s whole reason for being.
  • What is the brand’s purpose? What is it seeking to solve? How?
  • Why does the brand exist? Think about the why.
  • What are the next set of long-term goals the company is looking to achieve?
  • What is the character and personality of the brand? Have you gotten away from what was originally intended or do you need to change it slightly to continue to attract the target audience you’re looking to appeal to?

Sunflower Natural Foods Market brand refresh

A sunflower stands for natural goodness. Established in 1978, Sunflower Market is a family-owned and operated whole health market in Woodstock and Rhinebeck, NY. Devoted to the health and wellness of the community, Sunflower offers high-quality organic produce and locally crafted goods.

As they embarked on a huge store remodel and expansion, we partnered with their amazing crew to explore the next phase in their logo evolution. We brought to life the fresh, honest, and friendly personality of the brand, while finding a way to maintain their rich community heritage.

The modernized visual identity system showcases a simplified sunflower icon, expressive typography, natural colors, and a beautifully illustrated sunflower that harkens back to their brand roots and helps maintain brand recognition during this logo evolution.

See the full project details.

We believe thoughtful brand design inspired by the values of your consumer is the key to creating a successful brand identity. The Anthem process is adaptable to your needs, from creative concepts, brand communication, website design, and more.

Our branding experts can work with you and your team to take a look at these questions with you and then some to build a strategic framework that a successful rebrand can be designed from.

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