9 Corporate Tech Gift Ideas to Help Make the Right Impression

It’s never time wasted to consider what might be the best corporate gift, and getting a head start on planning some great items can mean you don’t have to worry about making the right impression at the last minute. Corporate tech gift ideas are amongst the best if you’re looking to impress because they’re so relevant and high-quality — who doesn’t love a handy piece of tech?

Because of the usability and relevance of tech, however, it also means you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options out there. How do you find the right corporate tech gifts from a range of so many different items at many different price tags?

Here are some ideal options narrowed down for you to make corporate gift-choosing easier.

Corporate Tech Gift Ideas: Audio

One area that tech can really improve is audio quality. Whether it’s for corporate hours or for downtime spent relaxing, audio corporate gifts can provide some of the best tech gifts, with a wide variety to offer.

1. Wireless Headphones

Wireless has become the go-to choice for many tech items, keeping cool tech items tidier and more easily used on the go without pesky wires. Wireless headphones give more freedom when listening to music, or listening to an audio file, whether out on the road, in the office, or relaxing at home.

Wireless headphones can be a great option for a corporate gift because they can be applied to many business or personal situations, such as a busy commute, working in a busy office, working from home, or listening to music at home.

So whether it’s for a client, a business partner, or an employee, wireless headphones are a great gift option.

2. Noise Canceling Headphones

While wireless headphones can be the perfect gift, noise-canceling options can also be a fantastic choice with more potential for improving sound quality by blocking out exterior noise. This again can be a great choice for a pair of headphones that need to be used within a busy office or during a busy commute. They can be one of the best corporate tech gift ideas if you’re buying for someone who would benefit from increased productivity and a better way to concentrate, too, by canceling out any noise.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Deciding on corporate tech gift ideas for improved audio items doesn’t have to mean containing music to headphones; Bluetooth speakers are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their music more openly. These speakers fit well within a working office environment or as a smart home addition to any room.

They’re ideal for providing background ambiance music in offices, so, therefore, can be the perfect corporate tech gifts for employees or clients who want to use their gift within the workplace. Or, they can be high-tech must-haves for the home.

Corporate Tech Gift Ideas: Phone Tech

Alongside audio, phone tech is also another great choice for high-tech gift-giving. When you think of tech, you probably think first of your smartphone or other smart devices, like a tablet. These are the most used items for a busy working professional who also wants to use a key tech device at home too.

Therefore, any corporate tech gift ideas which incorporate phone tech will be a win!

4. Phone Charger

One of the most simple tech gifts, but one of the most practical and much-needed, is a phone charger. Phone chargers are great tech gifts for people on the go especially, because they add a level of security to any traveling, knowing that their phone can always be charged. With an extra phone charger, you can even keep one at the office, one at home, or one in your suitcase! So any recipient receiving a phone charger as a gift will always see the value.

5. Power Banks for Phones or Other Devices

Power banks take this one step further with an extra level of security for devices needed to be charged, but they’re even more adaptable because they can be used on other devices as well as phones. So anyone who regularly uses their phone and tablet can make use of a portable power bank. Therefore, these could be excellent gadget gifts if you have corporate clients or employees who travel a lot and always need one of these in their bag.

Power banks are also ideal for custom tech products because your business logo can easily be printed on the front and seen clearly.

Corporate Tech Gift Ideas: Other Tech Gadgets

Of course, the potential for great tech products and finding the best corporate tech gift ideas that your recipients will love doesn’t end there. There are many other fun, high-quality, and key tech gadgets you can consider for your corporate gifting.

6. Smart Mug

When you’re thinking of key tech items for corporate giving, you may be considering the working environment and what can be useful within it. Well, there’s nothing more useful than a smart mug when it comes to the day’s important cup of coffee!

Keep your employees fueled with a smart mug that is designed to keep hot drinks at a consistent temperature through a heated mug — the perfect desk item for busy working professionals who may forget that they have a beverage going cold right beside them!

These are also ideal for promotional products because mugs can be customized so easily.

7. Tech Gift Sets

You might even want to combine a few different items from our corporate tech gift ideas list. Creating a handy tech gift set can be great to provide a recipient with a few key items to enjoy. You could choose a theme, such as a phone tech gift set so that you can include a charger, power bank, and maybe extras like a pop socket.

Or, maybe a desk essentials gift set with a smart mug, electronic desk calendar, desk light, and speaker. The choice is yours!

8. USBs

These may only be simple and small tech items, but they’re extremely useful ones, whether for the office or for personal storage at home. You can never have too many USBs, and they can be extremely handy tech items for those who love to work on a computer or other devices and need lots of storage or to transfer files.

They’re also ideal for branded merchandise, as you can create custom USBs with your company colors and logo.

9. Touch Screen Accessories

A lot of tech items these days have touch screen capabilities, and especially smartphones and tablets. Therefore any accessory to complement this can be a great corporate gift. This could be a branded stylus that the recipient can use to avoid smudging any screen with their fingers, for example. Or it could be an accessory that encourages better ergonomics when handling touch-screen technology, such as better-grip accessories, cases, and more.

These nine great ideas will offer your employees, clients, or business partners a great and will allow you to show your appreciation. For more information on adding that personal touch, get in contact with our team today.