8 Branded Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

If you look around your company at the busy employees typing away at their computers, chatting with a client on the phone, or discussing a project with others in a meeting, how many would you say are actually engaged with the work they’re doing?

Research confirms that about 54 percent of those seemingly engaged employees plugging away at their day are statistically proven to be not engaged, defined by Gallup as being:

“...generally satisfied but are not cognitively and emotionally connected to their work and workplace; they will usually show up to work and do the minimum required but will quickly leave their company for a slightly better offer.”

Yes, “employee engagement” sounds like the latest buzzword bouncing around the inboxes of HR leaders, but it’s much more than jargon. When kept a high priority and constantly measured, companies are more profitable. The math here is simple:

Engagement + Employees = Productivity

Productivity = Profit

So if you’re noticing your employees dipping into the 54 percent, consider leveraging Employee Appreciation Day every March as the perfect time to not only show and tell the company's appreciation for their work, but a way to flex the muscles of a dusty or brand new employee engagement program. Related: Examples of Recognition Awards

Brand merchandise can be an effective tool to drive employee engagement

When brand merchandise is done well it can be used as the conduit connecting your employees and your business, improving morale and engagement, says Anthem Principal Pete Burhop.

Pack a branded box full of items that showcase the complete picture of what appreciation means to your company. These items can be used to reinforce unity around the brand and promote team spirit around the office, while also contributing to shaping your brand’s story and strengthening a sense of community.

Choose meaningful items that align with your business and brand ethos. They are more likely to be used and added to an employees’ daily routine because it’s a way for employees to outwardly display their pride and feel part of the team, tapping into that emotional connection.

Find eight ideas that will make your employee feel appreciated below!

Build a complete employee appreciation kit with these four basics:

Looking to go premium? Consider adding:

If your employees need to hyper-focus to get in their groove during the busy workday by jamming out to some tunes, hook them up with a wireless speaker or wireless headphones. They’re both great portable options and can be used at work and at home.

Put a cherry on top by adding in an “IOU” style card the employee can trade-in for a free paid day off (if that’s cool with your HR policies and procedures).

Going for the wow factor? Consider adding:

Who doesn’t love a cool custom backpack to stow work gear into? These items take a bit longer for us to produce, so they are a better option for you to order now and get in time for a summer appreciation event or perhaps some proactive employee anniversary gift planning.

Hands-down, custom backpacks are our favorite items to help clients out with because we know whoever gets them is going to be stoked — no question about it.

If you are looking to get moving on some quality employee appreciation gifts like these or need some more ideas to get started, contact one of our branding experts. We will walk you through your goals, budget, and timeline to create something lasting and authentic.