7 Small Company Holiday Party Ideas to Make Yours Memorable

For many businesses, event planning can often be a source of stress and uncertainty. How can you make sure your event runs smoothly? How can you ensure it’s enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved? When it comes to your company holiday party, you want it to be one which your hard-working employees can use to get into the holiday spirit, which means you’ll need great small company holiday party ideas to guarantee that it’s always remembered as one of the good times.

If your business is struggling to form ideas, we have some great ones for you.

1. Invest in a Food Truck

The expense and organization of catering for business events can easily get out of hand, especially around the holidays! You’ll want to make sure your employees are fed and entertained. This can be made a lot simpler (and easier) by using food trucks.

This makes a quick and accessible source for food, which can be stationed in whichever location you choose, and also helps for a more social atmosphere when eating and celebrating, so everyone can mingle.

2. Have Everyone Chip In

One surefire way to make sure your employees are more likely to enjoy any small company holiday party ideas you come up with is by asking for their opinion and input. You could speak with employees ahead of time to hear what their own ideas might be, or if they have any suggestions for a great party game.

You could even ask employees to bring one food or drink item each with them to the celebration. This can work great for a small company because everyone can enjoy sharing what they’ve brought within a small team, as well as saving on extra catering if everyone is happy to contribute in a fun and creative way, like baking their own festive treat.

3. Gift Swap

Gift swapping doesn’t have to be a serious exchange or pressurized to find great and expensive gifts; it can be a fun party event instead. This will create a more exciting and fun atmosphere where your employees can take control of their own informal gifts and compete for who can get the most outrageous.

This is one of the best small company holiday party ideas for creating a relaxed atmosphere and breaking the ice, too.

4. Create a Winter Wonderland

Nothing says end of year holiday party like the perfect winter wonderland! Celebrate the holidays by creating a truly magical space, complete with twinkling fairy lights, fake snow (if you don’t have any real snow falling on the day!), and festive extras like candy canes, and maybe even have Santa make an appearance. Celebrate the holiday season in style by creating the most magical setting and atmosphere for your employees.

5. Install a Photo Booth

The best office parties should always have a fun and quirky feature or two, and a photo booth is a fantastic option for creating favorite holiday memories for everyone. Set up a simple photo booth, maybe alongside some props like wigs and masks, so that employees can come and go as they please and take their own memorable snaps. This is a great idea for small businesses as you won’t have a huge corporate team to queue up for the booth!

6. Organize an Escape Room

If you want to take corporate holiday parties off-site for something a little different, escape rooms can be fun experiences, as well as perfect for team-building, too! Escape rooms are ideal because you can split into very small teams, or maybe even just one team if your company is small enough.

7. Have an Intimate Office Holiday Party

If your company is a big fan of the holiday traditions, then the best ideas may simply be those which create an enjoyable and intimate holiday setting in your place of work, where everyone can relax and enjoy the season. You could even include custom promotional products as traditional holiday gifts to make your office holiday party that extra bit special!

Speak to Anthem Branding for any of your corporate holiday gift needs, whether for your small company holiday party or any other occasion throughout the year.