7 Marketing Gift Ideas to Make a Great Impression

Marketing is a powerful business tool and one which you want to explore in every possible way in order to make the right impression on your consumers. One great way to connect with consumers (or even relevant business contacts) is by providing something tangible in the form of a great gift that they can enjoy and make use of.

What you should also consider as a business is marketing gift ideas for the marketers within your business too. These internal gifts for your employees — and, specifically, for your marketers — means you can boost morale and create a positive impact on the marketer in your life. Especially if the holiday season is approaching and you’re exploring the best gifts, there are many great marketing gift ideas to make your employees smile and feel appreciated all year round.

If you’re looking for marketing gift ideas and inspiration, then here are seven gift items your favorite marketer will love.

Custom Mugs

If your marketer spends a long time during the course of their working day sat at their desk, blogging or promoting on social media, then staying motivated with a good cup of coffee can often be a must. Choosing custom mugs is, therefore, one of the best marketing gift ideas for any marketer who enjoys a cup of something throughout the working day.

Custom mugs can be personalized to their name, their job role, or even just a general branded mug – it’s sure to always go down a treat as the perfect gift; and the best mugs are always the biggest ones!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Marketing takes a lot of concentration and planning, and maybe your marketing team would benefit from blocking out the noise of the busy office by using noise cancelling headphones. These can not only be awesome gifts but can help to boost productivity, too, making them ideal marketing gift ideas for those workers who like a little peace, quiet, and privacy when they’re working.

Or, it may be that you want your gifts for marketers to be something they can also use during their commute or at home, in which case headphones are a great example of marketing gift ideas that can go the extra mile.

Promotional Clothing

Perhaps your marketing team also needs to travel and leave the office in order to spread the word about your brand, attend events or meet with consumers. Clothing items or accessories can be great for gift ideas by offering something for your marketers to wear while promoting your brand at the same time.

This could be as simple as custom made hats or other accessories, or you may want to equip them with jumpers, jackets, or t-shirts to more visibly wear. If your marketers travel a lot, this can also be helpful as marketing gift ideas by providing them with an easy change of clothes, and so they don’t have to worry about their own outfits.

High-Quality Gifts

Depending on the occasion and how long your marketer has worked for the company, you may want to make them feel truly special with a work anniversary gift or simply marketing gift ideas that show the company’s gratitude to their loyalty.

In thinking about higher-quality gifts, you can choose basic gift items but give them a more luxurious edge, such as upgrading phone accessories from a basic phone cover to something more expensive, like a leather phone cover. You could get them a premium leather notebook instead of a basic paper notebook.

Tech items are also great higher-quality gifts, as they can also work to make your marketer’s job a lot easier too. This could be a Moleskine smart notebook so that your marketer can more easily organize their notes, or you could invest in portable technology if they need to travel a lot. All of these are ideal marketing gift ideas which marketers love.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always easy and effective gifts, and they can even be better tailored for the recipient by choosing a gift card for a store they love or relating to items which they would make the most use out of. Gift cards allow the recipient more freedom in choosing their own gift and choosing marketing gift ideas they would love, without putting the pressure on yourself to choose the perfect item.

If you’re ever in doubt about your marketer’s likes and dislikes in terms of their shopping habits, then gift cards for big brands or stores which sell a lot of different items are usually a safe choice.

Experience Days

Choosing a day gift for your employee can be one of the better marketing gift ideas if you have a marketer who enjoys experiences and trips rather than physical items. There are plenty of great experience days to choose from when it comes to gift-giving, such as high-energy adrenaline experiences, trips to famous restaurants, or even just a simple afternoon experience relating to an interest they have.

Holiday Gifts

The holidays are the perfect opportunities to show your gratitude and find the perfect gift, and any holiday gift gesture is going to be well received. Holiday gifts allow you the freedom to explore generic holiday items but tailor them for the recipient in mind.

Some ideas include:

  • Tailoring a wine basket for their favorite bottles
  • Making a food basket with the perfect seasonal treats
  • Compiling essential swag into a gift basket
  • Gift sets like toiletry gift sets, fragrance gift sets, or any interest they may have

If the recipient works externally — such as an outsourced marketer rather than a direct employee — don’t forget to include a business card and personalized note so that they know who the gift is from.

Marketing Gift Ideas: We Have You Covered

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