6 Team Gift Ideas to Improve Employee Morale

If your company’s employee morale is in need of a boost, you may benefit from arranging high-quality gifts for your team of staff. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and even the smallest gift gesture can go a long way for improving employee engagement and overall performance — meaning your business can reap the rewards of your gifts as much as they can!

Why is Employee Morale Important?

Morale is vital for the good of any business and its dedicated employees. Employee happiness will have a profound effect on the working environment, productivity, and future potential of your business. If your employee morale is at an all-time high, then your company can work more efficiently, reduce staff turnover and create an altogether more positive workspace. If your workplace doesn’t currently feel this way, then putting the time and effort to improve it is essential.

Employee morale can be improved in many different ways. While it’s important to always ensure that your employees know that their hard work is appreciated and to regularly provide feedback and appraisals for team members, it’s also important to show your appreciation as well as simply providing feedback. Arranging a gift for everyone is one surefire way to show your team how much they’re valued, whether it’s holiday gifts, corporate gifting, or gifts for specific individuals when they’ve performed significantly well. There’s always a time for great team gift ideas.

6 Team Gift Ideas to Improve Morale

We’ve compiled six team gift ideas for your next office occasion, seasonal business shopping, or general employee praise!

1. Gift Card

A gift card is the ideal gifting idea because it’s so flexible and also allows your employees to choose their own gift. Gift cards can still be presented as fun surprises to open, whether wrapped up as a present or provided in a decorative envelope.

If you know your employees’ favorite store or online shop, even better, as this shows that a little more thought has gone into the gift while still providing them with the freedom to decide what to buy with the gift card amount.

Gift cards are also extremely easy to buy on-the-go or in bulk, which means if you’re looking for gift ideas which you can blanket buy and which won’t require thinking individually about each person (which is extremely helpful for very large businesses with a lot of staff members) then they’re the perfect, easy gift solution.

2. Home Office Supplies

If your team has recently been working from home due to the pandemic, or if you have remote or home working employees within your team, home office supplies can make a great difference. Any gift that helps promote a more productive working atmosphere for your employees — even if that place is based at home — can be a successful gift idea.

Think about what your employees may benefit from if they’re working from home. It could be anything from job-related items, like desk essentials, to fun and quirky office items, like a writing utensil holder, coasters, or a wireless phone charger. When it comes to gift ideas for the home office, you can explore functional or quirky!

3. General Office Supplies

The same applies for office supplies within the business itself, if you have some employees based in the office, or if you don’t have any remote or home working employees. Your team may benefit from gifts that incorporate decorative items for their desk or even personalized office items to make that gift extra special.

While generic office supplies may not seem like one of the best team gift ideas, it can actually be effective in making your team’s space more personalized, making sure that they have what they need, or even just simply investing in fun items for around the office.

4. Use Custom Promotional Products

There’s nothing wrong with throwing an extra gift in for your employees if you’re already arranging custom promotional products for your clients or for an external business. If you’re taking the time and energy to showcase your brand and treating clients to something extra special, it’s only right that you do the same for your hardworking team, too.

That’s why simple gifts could include making sure that your team members each get a custom promotional product, too — and even better if it’s something they can use around the office, or even outside the office, to show off your company logo.

5. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are always well-received because they’re packed with goodies. Gift boxes and baskets are especially effective during the holiday season because you can then fit a relevant theme around the items you choose to provide as a gift set. This could be lots of holiday-themed goodies like food, drink, and sweet treats for your employees to indulge and enjoy over the holiday season, and something special for them as an end-of-year treat for all their hard work.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

Improving morale within a business is also about making sure your employees feel taken care of, and if you can couple that with fantastic team gift ideas, this is a bonus. Reusable water bottles are a great gift for office environments, as it’s something that your employees can easily keep on their desks and stay hydrated throughout the day; a plus for their well-being, as well as their productivity levels.

Reusable water bottles as team gift ideas could come in designs like stainless steel, or even with your company logo on (or maybe even personalized with the employee’s name!).

Final Thoughts

The perfect employee gift doesn’t have to be a source of strain or stress for any business leader; a lot of the time, it is the gesture itself that is the main part of the gift, allowing your employees to feel valued. Therefore, this will increase morale within your business.

If you’re looking for the perfect personalized, branded products to use for team gift ideas and more, our branding experts can help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more!