5 of the Hottest Quality Swag and Merch for Tradeshows and Conferences

As an event planner, marketer, brand manager, or merchandise buyer coming up with new branded company swag or merch ideas to pack your year’s worth of tradeshows and/or conferences with can be overwhelming, especially if your brand is hitting the event circuit hard all year long.

You want to do something different, to hand out the giveaway attendees talk about and get affordable, quality, trending items — but your relationship with time to hit all of those goals is complicated.

We’ve got you.

With many clients exhibiting at shows like NeoCon, Natural Products Expo West and East, Outdoor Retailer, Dreamforce, Sea Otter Classic, Great American Beer Fest and more, we are constantly cool hunting for items that are different, of high quality, uniquely customizable, and affordable all the while appealing to a brand’s target audience.

Here are five trends that are all the rage right now that will shake things up, but also will get people talking about your product/service AND your top-notch swag.

Bags: Fanny Packs / Waist Bags / Utility Pouches

Fanny packs are making a comeback and aren’t just for your grandma who loves to go to the casino. Designer brands like Chanel, Fendi, and Dior have new lines dedicated to the come-back style. This minimalistic chic hands-free style is great for both men and women on-the-go.

Lifestyle: Blankets

Cozy fashion has established its own new lifestyle whether it’s a cable knit turtleneck sweater or sherpa-lined joggers — self-care and relaxation could be considered the theme of 2020.

This roll-up wool blanket with branded leather tote is a great way to be apart of that trend — appealing to many different audiences from the outdoor lover to the Netflix binger.

Drinkware: Water bottles

Plastic bottles are in a PR crisis thanks to the eco-friendly status symbols stainless steel water bottles provide.

And those in the water bottle game, know that these now qualify as a bonafide fashion accessory item can be broken down in so many ways with a slew of colors, sizes, styles, lids, and materials — they are quite the platform for a brand to make their own.

Notebooks: Leather slipcovers

Even in today’s digital world, nothing is more satisfying or more cathartic than being able to cross tasks off your to-do list.

And if you’re going to sport a notebook, leather covers are how to do it. Sophisticated, durable, and reusable from notebook-to-notebook, these are a crowd fave even for your most discerning consumer segment.

Accessories: Headphones

Wireless is the way to go, no matter what style of headphone you dig — over-ear or earbuds. Loved by many open-concept startup companies, these over-ear wireless and noise-canceling headphones collapse for easy stowing.They’re the perfect mix of quality, function, and unique branding opportunities.

Let’s Collaborate

Your swag should be selected and designed with purpose so no matter the item — big or small — your brand is elevated because of it.

Collaborate with us to curate creative and forward-thinking strategically branded swag and merch to make every event you attend this year a success!